Social media has altered the landscape of entrepreneurship and freelancing. Individuals are opening their businesses and redefining their work lifestyles with social media. The inclination is towards autonomy and geographic flexibility.

The ability to work from anywhere – your home, a cafe, a beach, or even a different country – is becoming increasingly popular, particularly amongst the younger generations who are consciously moving away from the conventional 9 to 5 model through work opportunities found on social media and other reliable sources.

Here’s all you need to know about how you can leverage the power of social media to fuel your freelance career.

Core strategy

Be yourself: Be honest, allow yourself to change, and know how to show the real version of yourself in your presence across the internet.

Choose your target audience: Be aware of your skills and goals, eventually helping you reach your target audience on social media.

Be an expert: Get expertise by learning new things in your field and speak only when there is something important to say

Visualize your brand: Organized and neat branding always helps fetch customers.

Follow & Engage: Networking is the key. Follow and engage the right people on social media, leading to great partnerships and collabs.


Exclusive Content: Show behind-the-scenes looks at your work in Instagram Stories or live streams to share your process and expertise in an easy and approachable way on social media.

Story strategy: Make small announcements using stories, create a row of highlights, and use stickers to ask questions.

Post strategy: Always post consistently with high-quality and beautifully edited pictures, giving your feed a crisp look.

Ads: Promote your stories and posts with access to insights like Interactions, Replies, Profile visits, etc.


The Social media networking tech giant, now under the parent company – META – isn’t going away soon.

Pages: Facebook Pages offers templates for different needs like Shopping, Business, Venues, etc., helping set up your page details.

Profile: Once your profile looks good with vital info and pictures, you can begin posting either regular or promoted posts.

Interaction: People can interact by liking, commenting, sharing, messaging, or reviewing.

Boosted Posts: The promoted post should reach the people chosen through targeting, People who like your page, People who like your page, and their friends

Ads: Use the different ads provided like Photo ads, Video ads, Stories ads, and Messenger ads to increase your reach and sales.

X  (Twitter)

Twitter is now rebranded as X, Tweets as posts, and Retweets as reposts. The strategy does not change.

A Solid X Handle: Something easy to remember and relatable to your field of work, Fill in the bio and upload quality pictures for profile and Cover.

Follow the trends: The trends that show up for you probably also show up for people in the same area as you, and who have the same interests. Those people are also known as the people you want to connect with on social media.

Follow the right people: Interact and get in touch with the thought leaders in your industry, and keep growing the network.

X – ads: Sign up on X-ads and promote content for your business. Get campaign measurement and analytics.


The only content here is the video format – both Shorts and Longform.

Start with great thumbnails: Thumbnails are preview images displayed when the video is not playing. Thumbnails decide if the user would watch your video or not.

Keep video lists organized: Organise your Video list according to the topic covered or the type of content produced.

Use the Community tab: Use this to Clarify doubts, ask questions, share some news, or Conduct a poll. Use this tab for all community purposes.

Youtube ads: Use different YouTube ads – Non-skippable video ads, In-display ads, overlay ads, etc. to promote your brand/content.

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