I have been working with Awign as a gig partner since September 2020. Joining the platform during the challenging period of the Covid-19 lockdown, my experience with Awign has been nothing short of transformative.

I belong to Ghaziabad and recently graduated with an MBA degree, specializing in marketing and finance, after completing my graduation in B.Com. Coming from a family of four, including my parents and one brother, finding a job that offered a fulfilling salary was crucial for me. I wanted to contribute to my family’s financial well-being and establish a solid foundation for my own future.

When I explored job opportunities at other companies, I was disappointed by the salary packages on offer. However, everything changed when I discovered Awign.

This platform provided me with a wide range of exciting projects. The diverse projects allowed me to leverage my skills and knowledge in marketing and finance, giving me the chance to apply what I had learned in my academic journey. In my first year alone, I made approximately 3 Lacs, and in the second year, my earnings crossed over 4 Lacs. The financial stability and growth I achieved through Awign were beyond my expectations.

There are four specific aspects I discovered at Awign that have completely reshaped my perspective on work:

  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Ample growth opportunities
  • Exposure to diverse projects
  • and a perfect work-life balance. 

These elements have not only revolutionized the way I work but have also profoundly influenced my overall approach towards professional life.

On average, I work around 12-14 hours per day, depending on my availability. Awign has given me the opportunity to explore different tools and technologies, enabling me to grow both personally and professionally. Through the projects I’ve worked on, I have acquired valuable industry experience, honed my analytical skills, and improved my communication abilities.

It’s incredible how much I’ve learned and developed since joining the platform. Awign has truly been a catalyst for my growth and career advancement.

Awign’s flexibility has had a profound impact on me, changing my life for the better. It allows me to work more, earn more, and still have the freedom to be the boss of my own time. This balance has been a tremendous asset in my life, enabling me to pursue my career while also maintaining personal commitments. 

With the increased income from Awign, I was able to make significant investments in my future. I purchased a new laptop and a phone, empowering me to work more efficiently. Moreover, I take the load off my parents’ shoulders by utilizing my savings from Awign to pay the EMI for my educational loan. It’s a fulfilling feeling to contribute and ease the financial burden on my family. Awign has given me the financial independence and stability that I have always aspired for.

I wholeheartedly recommend Awign to anyone seeking to maximize their income, or even work part-time as a student, and enjoy the benefits of flexible arrangements. Awign truly understands the needs of gig workers and provides a supportive environment for us to thrive. The platform not only offers exciting projects but also ensures fair compensation and timely payments, which are crucial for gig workers like myself.

As a parting thought, my journey with Awign has been incredible. The opportunities, flexibility, and growth I have experienced are beyond what I could have imagined. I am grateful for the platform and the team behind it, who have made a positive impact on my life and career. Awign has given me the tools and resources to shape my own success and build a bright future.

With each project, I am growing more confident and ambitious. Awign has not only transformed my professional life but also instilled a sense of empowerment and purpose within me. I am excited to continue my journey with Awign and unlock new opportunities that lie ahead.


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