Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized many industries in the last few years. It has already made a significant impact across IT, E-commerce, healthcare, and finance among other sectors. We’re familiar with the potential of AI to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and come to conclusions. Companies across the globe are embracing it to gain a competitive advantage in the markets. While Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, human-driven content moderation still remains the most reliable method for filtering user-generated content.

Content moderation requires a certain level of human intelligence to understand context, and interpret based on subjectivity and specificity of the content. Human moderators can make decisions in consideration with linguistic and cultural context in ways that AI algorithms might not be able to. Although artificial intelligence (AI) can help with content management, relying only on it can have negative consequences, such as harmful content slipping through the filters.

The Limitations of AI in Content Moderation

Although AI can help with content filtering, it has limits that may result in unfair and unreliable conclusions. For instance, AI algorithms struggle to grasp sarcastic context effectively, lack emotional intelligence, and may reflect biases in their training data.

By making unbiased choices while taking emotional intelligence and context into consideration, human-driven content moderation can get beyond these restrictions. Together, human moderators can improve the performance of a content moderation system and build user trust.  The utilization of AI should be reinforced by human moderators to ensure user-safety across a platform. Let’s explore the benefits of human-driven content moderation.

Advantages of Human-Driven Content Moderation

●  Understanding Contexts and Nuances

As humans, we can understand the contexts and intentions behind actions and words. We are also familiar with the local or regional references that are used online. Human-driven content moderation allows for a more nuanced understanding. It assists online platforms in avoiding unreliable flagging of content.

●  Emotional and Empathic Approach

With manual or human-driven content moderation, we can approach any information with empathy and emotional intelligence. We have the aptness to respond to emotional aspects of messages. Human empathy is crucial when it comes to making decisions about what user-generated content should be allowed or flagged as inappropriate on a platform.

●  Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness

We’ve got a unique understanding of the culture that surrounds us. By using this knowledge to make informed decisions, we can make a great impact on content moderation for different communities across the world. It results in a reduced risk of unfair or provoking moderation decisions.

●  Make Complex Judgment Calls

Most importantly, we can make complex judgment calls that AI simply can’t. For instance, a human moderator can foresee the potential harm that can be caused by certain types of content. With human-led filtering of user-generated content, online platforms can ensure fair content moderation.

Awign’s Reliable Content & Data Operations

It can be challenging to moderate content, especially for online platforms with large amounts of user-generated content. Awign promises to overcome this difficulty with its exclusive, gig-based workforce and micro-contexts. Awign can execute content operations at scale using a remote or distributed workforce. This method offers a high level of regional context and a no-code technology platform that can be customized to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of clients.

The solution is aimed at ensuring accuracy and fairness in filtering digital content online. With a multilingual workforce of over 15 languages, our gig workers are capable of moderating content across various formats, including video, audio, text, and images. Awign’s approach to content and data operations is different from traditional BPOs. The work is divided into outcome-driven tasks and the platform takes complete ownership of the delivery. This helps to avoid the problems of fixed costs and high management overheads that are associated with BPO set-up.

Our highly configurable platform is made to effortlessly integrate with new rules and regulations, making compliance simple and effective. We recognise the value of controlling our moderators’ psychological workload. Because of this, our platform has a clever load management system. It guarantees the careful distribution of cases to our moderators. Our platform is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant to ensure security.  Since our endpoint controls adhere to the highest security guidelines, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe. We are committed to giving customers a flawless end-to-end experience.

Additionally, the platform is equipped with AI-powered tools that augment human operations and provide consistent checks. Awign’s Content & Data Operations are designed to provide efficient and scalable solutions for UGC content moderation, e-commerce catalog operations, and AI data training. With a combination of human and technology-powered approaches, our solution offers an effective way to ensure that online platforms remain user-friendly and trustworthy at all times. 


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