The world of freelancing has grown exponentially over the past few years. One of the biggest reasons? Independent Working. Who doesn’t like being their own boss, having the freedom to choose the work suiting their interest & time? Freelancing, however, isn’t as glittery as it appears if one doesn’t get the right head start!

The first step is to look for websites to find freelance jobs, this is to  make sure that you land on the right gigs. There is an array of platforms that not only help freelancers to look for freelance online jobs that matches their skills and portfolios but a few also go a step ahead by helping them build a swanky profile to attract clients and good freelance jobs India.

It is crucial to find the right platform/website to build a good career as a freelancer. The best website to find freelance jobs would be the one that has good quality gigs available, popular clients, work available across industries, both on-the-ground & remote working, fair costing, etc. If you are wondering how to narrow down such platforms, then well, you are on the right page!

We have listed 10 such websites to find freelance jobs India that are popular among freelancers and will give your freelancing career a kickstart.

What Are Freelancing Websites?

Freelancing websites/platforms are essential tools deployed by certain companies who are either looking for contractual workers for their work fulfillment or act as a bridge between their clients & people searching for freelance jobs online. As the business market is expanding the number of websites to find freelance jobs India is also growing. People who want to begin their career in freelancing can sign up to these websites to end their search for freelance jobs opportunities and take projects from various companies. 

Top 10 Websites To Find Freelance Jobs India

Whether you are just beginning your career as a freelancer or looking for a better platform for an enhanced work search, we have considered every aspect while curating this list for you to ensure that you find the best and suitable freelance jobs available in the market.



Founded in 1998, UpWork has almost 10 million freelancers and over 4 million clients registered with them. Upwork is considered to be one of the top 10 websites to find freelance jobs which offers opportunities in various fields such as Design and Creative, Development and IT, Sales and Marketing, Customer Support, and also content writing. The platform continually updates the availability of newer jobs in the job feeds section, this makes it easier for the freelancers on the lookout for a good gig/freelance jobs India online.

You can easily create your profile free of cost and upload your resume, portfolio, case studies, work hours, etc. To ensure credibility, UpWork approves your profile before the start of work. Being a global platform, there is a tight competition between freelancers, but once you have great work history on the platform, you can really be unstoppable on UpWork & in your career alike.



This website works as a bridge between the clients and designers. The most popular categories of freelancing work available on this platform includes – Content Writing, SEO, Web Development, Logo Designing, Voice over, Illustration and drawing, Social Media Strategy, and Sales & Calls. Almost 3 million freelancers use this website to find freelance jobs  while businesses from small to large use this platform to hire skilled freelancers. 

If your skills match with the freelance jobs India provided on their website then you must explore it. You can sign up on the Peopleperhour website for free and once you have set up your account you can take projects that suit you.



If you are just beginning your career in freelancing then Workhire is a good place to start searching for the freelance jobs online. This platform lets you find jobs in Web Designing, Mobile development, Data Entry, Game Development, Photography, Corporate trainer, blog writing, etc. You can make a profile on the website for free and bid for the projects. 

Several companies hire bloggers, freelancer designers, freelance developers through the platform of Workhire. 



Among other websites to find freelance jobs India this is the only one which  promises that companies can hire the top 3% of global freelancers from them. From this statement only you can understand that their review process is quite rigorous and to make it to the cut your freelancing skills must be remarkable. Since they only hire the best of the best freelancers, this is what makes them stand out in the market. 

If you are a talented and experienced freelancer then don’t hold back and sign up to Toptal. After the evaluation of your work if your application gets approved then you hold a chance to work with really good, global clients. 



In the online freelancing market Freelancer is considered to be the first-rated website to find freelance jobs India. This company was founded in 2008 and currently, it connects almost 40 million employees to its network of freelancers. There are thousands of jobs available on this platform. Freelancer provides both local and remote jobs in various fields such as internet marketing, software development, data entry, 3-D modeling, logo design, illustration, blog writing, etc. 

If you are looking for a platform with a large network of clients and freelance  jobs online then this is the website where you should sign up.



Based out of Bangalore, Awign is one of India’s #1 work fulfillment platforms, which was founded in 2016. It is one of the best websites to find freelance jobs as its business model is based on fulfilling enterprises’ on-the-ground as well as digital core functions like operations management, proctoring, auditing, due diligence, last-mile delivery, new business development, and digital gigs. Awign has been making drastic changes in the Indian gig economy with a workforce of 1M+ gig partners (or freelancers) and providing work options in almost 500 cities. 

Gig partners apply for suitable flexible work options depending on their location, time availability, and skills. The entire job cycle of the gig partners – right from job search, discovery, and application to online interview & training, the onset of work to payments is managed by the platform. This does away with a great hassle that people generally encounter while exploring freelance jobs in India online. 

Awign stands out in many ways. First, their gig partners are a good mix of college students, graduates/postgraduates, blue collar-workers, new moms, retired professionals, and specially-abled people. Secondly, the flexible work options on their platform vary from internships to part-time & full-time. Thirdly, the platform offers work options in various service lines like Auditing, Telecalling, Last Mile Delivery, Operations Management, Background Verification, New Business Development, Digital Gigs, and Online Proctoring & assessment. 

To get started with Awign, you can go explore available work on their website or get started on the Awign app (available to PlayStore). 

Anyone who is looking for hyper flexibility in their work must check Awign out.


simplyhired - freelancing jobs online

In Simplyhired, freelancers can check out the various career options with detailed information. This website offers freelancers many options like the search for jobs by title or location. Freelancers can also compare job offers that they get where you can also bid your salary against local and national averages. With all such meters available on this website, it helps them in narrowing down their job search. On this platform freelancers like writers, developers, salespeople, and even construction workers can easily find jobs. This website to find freelance jobs India also offers great tips on how to get hired in their blog section.


design hill

This is one of the Indian freelancing websites that is dedicated to designers. Employers on this website write a project/brief design template and they get custom-made design options to choose from. You can simply post your design template on the website and the client can buy them easily. 

Designhill is a very well organised website to find freelance jobs India that brings designers and clients together. What stands out on this website is that there is a rating system where clients can also share their feedback. If you have the skills as a designer whether it is logo designing, T-shirt designing, or mobile app designing, this is the place to start as a freelancer.



Fiverr offers high-quality services at every price point in the fields like digital marketing, video, and animation, music and audio, lifestyle, programming and tech, writing and translation, etc. 

On this website, employers don’t post any jobs, rather it is freelancers who can showcase their work by posting their completed projects and attract more clients. So, here it is the freelancers who are marketing their services to the companies in order to attract them and land on better freelance jobs India online. This website also offers learning courses for freelancers to sharpen their skills.

The Flexiport

freelancing job site

The Flexiport website works as a bridge between the enterprises and the freelancers. Companies post the job on the Flexiport website and the listed freelancers on this website can select the type of work that they want to do. You can easily find different work options like part-time jobs, full-time and consulting opportunities for middle to senior-level positions in Flexiport.

What’s more, is that this website also offers various blogs on how you can grow as a freelancer and learn new skills in various fields.

Well, many people believe that working as a freelancer can be a hustling job but the truth is that if you find the right platform for yourself then you can certainly make the most of freelancing. In order for you to find the new freelance career options, we have tailored the above list very carefully so that you can make the best out of your skills. We hope your search for the best websites to find freelance jobs India ends here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on, sign up for the website which you think will be best suited to you, and explore the world of freelancing.


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