With the festive season around the corner, businesses are expecting a spike in demand for their goods and services. But this time it will be extra special as shoppers loosen their purse strings after two years of constrained festivities. With massive promotions during the festive season, the e-commerce, retail, consumer durables and FMCG industries are ready to experience bumper sales and must gear up to make the most of the season.

To meet seasonal demand, the gig model is emerging as the most fluid expansion structure for spontaneous action and growth. It makes hyperlocal penetration more convenient for enterprises, giving them an opportunity to reach out to new audiences and explore markets, a step crucial in leveraging the seasonal influx. 

Let us look more closely at the business functions that Awign’s gig proposition caters to, and how it can be a game changer!

  • Scale up with ease: The gig route allows enterprises to scale up rapidly, without worrying about time and resources dedicated for recruitment and training of additional manpower. With Awign, enterprises can assemble a fully-managed gig workforce on-demand at any point in time and get the work started within a week’s time. They also get the ability to ramp down just as quickly, without any compliance hassles.
  • Reduce go-to market time: The enterprise-focused gig model allows companies to be at the right place at the right time. Enterprises can significantly reduce their turnaround time and go-to-market with ease. This helps them stay agile, maximise revenues and stay relevant among their target audience and other stakeholders. 
  • No hiring and training hassles: The gig approach also allows businesses to work with skilled professionals without the hassles of hiring, training and retention costs. Awign enables enterprises to get their work done through a managed and trained workforce that understands the ask of a company. Moreover, Awign’s pay-for-outcome model ensures productive outcomes for the enterprises and also makes the work 25-40% more cost-effective for enterprises.
  • Pan-India presence: Gig partners are key to expanding and reaching out to unexplored markets. Not being anchored to one location, they offer the flexibility to relay demand and service almost in real-time. Our force of 1 MN+ registered and specialised gig partners across 12,000+ pin codes facilitate the scope of expansion and increased connectivity.
  • Connecting with customers: Possessing vernacular capabilities in 15+ languages, our gig partners give that extra edge in understanding and addressing customer needs across the country.

That said, the festivities are not an exciting time just for enterprises, but also for gig partners. It leads to a spike in employment and networking opportunities. How?

  • Festive sales such as the Great Indian Festival, Big Billion Days and Prime Day Sales boosted gig employment by 11% in 2022, due to companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Epay etc.
  • Beyond the e-commerce industry, sectors like fintech, automobile, FMCG etc have also contributed to the spike, increasing demand for sales representatives, store managers, auditors, tele-callers, etc.
  • Besides metropolitans, tier 2 and tier 3 cities have seen a greater engagement of gig partners, allowing local businesses to establish their presence over the country.
  • The heightened demand in the industry presents gig partners the opportunity to increase their earning potential, and work with clients who are a closer fit.

The changing work landscape is teaching us that any task can be gigified! This model has much to offer to festive season business prospects and vice-versa. No matter the size of the enterprise, the gig route can ensure profitable sales to businesses and an increased opportunity for gig partners to showcase their work and build a network.

Then why wait? Get in touch now to avoid missing out!


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