Telecalling services are a proven method of business promotion that is highly effective in lead generation and gauging the initial level of involvement from the customer. It eases the process of building a relationship with the target audience, generates new leads, and thoroughly explains the offered products and services. As customer satisfaction and reviews increasingly become performance parameters, enterprises are further exploring new formats and strategies for reaching out to their consumers. This approach leads them to customer experience enhancement. Telecalling is a valuable tool that has proven its worth and is here to stay!

There are as many challenges associated with effectively implementing telecalling services. Poorly executed telemarketing can be met with resistance if customers are not approached with care, patience, and good communication skills. This calls for extensive training sessions which can be costly for companies. As attrition rates continue on their upward trajectory, going from 6% in 2020 to 20.3% in 2022, employee retention and a return on training investment are top concerns for any enterprise. While telecalling as a sector has shown huge potential for outsourcing, the lack of IT infrastructure and a guarantee of outcomes are a few key obstacles holding it back.

However, this doesn’t mean that companies have to forego this powerful marketing tool. The gig route provides a solution that allows enterprises to leverage telemarketing to its maximum potential. Let’s understand how the model enables easy access to this service.

The Gig Solution That Led to Customer Experience Enhancement

Deploying an on-demand work fulfilment model for execution can effectively address previously mentioned challenges and also offer additional benefits. The gig economy can facilitate the entire process, allowing for autonomy without the interference and monitoring of internal teams. The flexibility of this model allows for tailored telecalling solutions in sectors like financial services, e-commerce, travel, and healthcare among others, thus maximising the advantages of the service across numerous industries.

As businesses strive for expansion and increased customer reach, and lead generation solutions peak demand, the gig economy provides the agility they need to venture into new markets and scale across tier 2 and tier 3 cities while significantly reducing the marketing and operational costs. Let’s learn more about how Awign can be a partner in leveraging the offer of the gig platform.

How Awign Helps Leverage the Power of Telemarketing

With Awign’s outbound telecalling solutions, we help our clients engage with potential customers and understand their tasks, thus facilitating the scope of hyperlocal penetration. Our team of professionally trained gig workers is equipped with the knowledge of calling etiquettes and FAQs, and are experts in navigating through customers’ queries. 

An enterprise reached out to Awign with the goal of communicating the offer of promotional discounts to its existing clientele and expanding their reach in new retail markets. After conducting a thorough analysis of their objective, we targeted their impact in the online B2B market. Our solution included telecalling services in 16 languages to better engage with merchants across the country.

We were able to better proliferate their offers through the use of professionals fluent in Hindi, English, and regional languages. This not only grabbed the attention of their target audience but also generated newfound interest in their discount offers. To ensure a seamless and legal-proof service, leads were assigned only to those professionals who had successfully qualified for the demo pitch. Additionally, all calls were conducted through a secured cloud-based telephonic platform that featured number masking and call recording capabilities to enhance security and compliance

The data reflected the flourishing outcomes of this project, with a daily call count of 100,000, resulting in a connection ratio of 82% and 76,000 merchants engaged!


The Crux of It

On-demand and easy to assemble, the gig workforce helps achieve faster turn-around and offers hassle-free compliance. With a diverse range of vernacular capabilities and a presence across 500+ cities throughout India, our gig workforce supports expansion into new and local markets. Their in-depth understanding of consumer demographics in their respective regions enables smooth entry into unfamiliar economies. Besides the aspect of growth, at Awign, it is of utmost importance for us to eliminate operational risks for our clients. Our pay-per-outcome model allows them to avail exactly that while functioning with greater efficiency. By offering a solution that variablizes fixed expenses and thus introduces a more cost-effective route, we are making the scope of hypergrowth more accessible to enterprises without compromising their productivity and long-term goals.

Reach out to us to escalate your journey towards better boosted conversions, customer experience enhancement, and uplifted competence!


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