We are an outcome and technology-driven platform, leveraging Bharat’s workforce for India Inc. 

So, how did we get here?

In the last few years, India’s gig economy has gained a lot of prominence and adoption, becoming a mainstream concept. While the pandemic caused enterprises throughout the world to reconsider their workforce approach, an influx of other factors such as the rise of work fulfillment platforms, internet penetration and changing attitudes of workers, etc. too have driven this exponential boom. The gig technology has grown steadily in recent years, bringing forth the contribution of work fulfillment platforms to the forefront.

For far too long, the on-demand jobs market has prioritised quick placement and short-term incentives above the development of a comprehensive, mutually beneficial work ecosystem. However, with the aim of aligning the industry by helping gig-partners and enterprises find exactly what they need, work fulfilment platforms today are harnessing technology such as AI / ML to bring about a much-needed shift in the sector. 

As opposed to simply looking at transactional, project based work, enterprises are steadily getting inclined towards harnessing the gig technology to deliver long-term recurring jobs. To enable this requires a sophisticated and robust technology architecture which enables end to end workflow management, such as the one offered at Awign. We have enabled hundreds of businesses to rely on us to get the job done and more. Most critically, even in times of the pandemic, we executed over 66 million tasks through our platform. 

The beginning of the gig technology journey

We belong to a country wherein our population is often perceived as a ‘बाधा’, a hindrance to our development. At Awign, we beg to differ! The foundation of Awign was laid down in 2016 when Annanya Sarthak, Gurpreet Singh and Praveen Sah came together with a common vision to harness the power of this very population to empower both the people looking for growth and job opportunities, and the enterprises looking to fulfill the core and allied operational requirements, across India. 

Like many entrepreneurs, Sarthak was also a part of the 9-to-5 culture in my role with a management consulting startup. It was there that he had a firsthand experience of the gap between enterprises and their core requirements. The majority of the companies had had a bad experience with the gig technology and ecosystem, and thus their struggle marred with poor outcomes culminated into insight for us. 

Together, we tapped into this need gap of companies and started Awign as a bridge between what enterprises want to get done and how the population of India can be harnessed to get it done. Over the last 6 years, Awign has catered to the needs of enterprises – large & small – across sectors such as e-commerce, BFSI, IT, FMCG, FMCD, Assessment, Automotive, and Media & Entertainment. 

Gig Technology at Awign 

The foundation of Awign is built on a holistic approach towards enterprises and gig partners. For gig partners, our technology infrastructure has made finding work easier,seamless, and transparent in terms of growth & remuneration. As for enterprises, it has empowered them to achieve outcomes without breaking backs on the ‘how’ of it.  Our no code tech stack ensures work is fulfilled flawlessly as our overall process becomes efficient due to automation & smart-assist features built into our platform.

Our gig partner’s app is designed to make the journey smooth for the latter, right from applying for a job to finding work basis their skills and location, in-app training, task completion, and payment, technology integration ensures a simplified process. Additionally, for enterprises, our client dashboard provides multi-city, real-time visibility and on-ground insight.

Owing to our technology first approach, recurring work which is core to enterprises is getting increasingly done through our dynamic gig technology workforce as opposed to just transactional, short term, project work. And this is only possible through our technology which has enabled end-to-end workflow management. Without the technology, gig work would just be limited to project-based short-term work, which is not the only facet of our thriving gig economy

Fits to the ‘T’ech

Today, we are at the cusp of a revolutionary digital journey, with even the way we work being dictated by technology. With businesses growing leaps and bounds, they will always have core and recurring challenges to resolve, and tech-led enterprise gig-workforce platforms will continue to bridge the gap between the need and those who will fulfil the need.

To gigifying enterprise work, for a better India Inc., and a better economy!


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