There has been a drastic change in the traditional way of working in the job market which usually included 9-to-5 jobs only. But gone are those days! With the evolution in the economy, people have found newer work opportunities which suit their skills, offer them flexibility, and allow them to work independently. This evolution, in simple words,  can be termed as ‘Gig Economy’. 

It is the marketplace for people who are looking for temporary, freelancing, or short-term contract based jobs. However, this doesn’t mean that the work is only limited to any particular industry. It is a very industry-agnostic space with numerous options in IT, Graphic Designing, Web Development, Content Writing, Animation, Market Research, Last-mile Delivery, etc. Furthermore, since companies are also venturing more & more into hiring temporary workforce, in order to avoid many upfront costs, the demand for gig workers is skyrocketing. 

Now the question is, how to become a gig worker? Well, there are millions of people currently working as gig workers around the globe; yet there is a large section of our society that needs to be introduced to it. This would essentially help them make the right choices and find the best work options available out there.

In this blog, we have covered all the essential topics which cover the entire question of how to become a gig worker and types of gig workers. Do read this thoroughly.

Who Is A Gig Worker?

People who work in temporary jobs as a contractor or a freelancer in any service sector are known as gig workers. Depending on the different approaches such as work agreement and nature of work the definition of the gig worker can also be explained. 

We all are aware of the traditional employer-employee relationship which is a long-term agreement that includes a company paying the worker a monthly salary or a wage for the work done. But in the gig economy, the workers are simply hired for temporary work or for particular projects that need to be completed in a certain period of time. When you are working as a gig worker or freelancer you don’t get paid directly by the company that you work for but by the platform through which you have been working. These types of work agreements are different and come under the category of freelancing, self-employment, or contract-based agreement. 

Their nature of work ranges from being a delivery guy to working as a freelance graphic designer. Where one might need a minimal education, on the other one needs industry-related skills to make a living. Hence, the work options in this sector are enormous and this is why more and more people are shifting towards it. 

As it offers a wide range of flexible work occupations that exist in various fields, it generates types of gig workers who don’t belong to any particular section of the industry. A gig worker for example can be a college student wanting to earn some money, a blue-collar worker looking for better projects to enhance their skill set, retired professional thinking of using their time more effectively, or even a new mother who wants to restart her career. Therefore, the types of gig workers are divided into various categories. But, we can only define gig workers based on their work and industry.

who can become a gig worker

How To Become A Gig Worker?

One of the most searched questions related to the gig economy is, how to become a gig worker. Once the benefits of being a gig worker are taken into account, people often then want to learn how they can become a gig worker and earn money through various platforms. 

In this digital era where everything is available online, where do you think you will find the gigs? Of course, it has to be on the internet, aside from many posters or ads that you might come across. If you are also looking to switch from your 9 to 5 job and thinking of entering into the world of gig economy then the first and foremost thing to do is make your presence on the right platform to land on the best gigs. Remember this is a necessary step to be taken in order to understand how to become a gig worker.  

Make sure that you choose a platform which offers you work options in various fields. So, whether it is an internship, part-time job, or freelance gigs which provides you working as a photographer, voice actor, content writer, online invigilator, delivery person, or social media manager, you can move ahead with the one that suits you the best.

Next step on learning how to become a gig worker you have to make sure that your profile attracts clients which will offer you better chances of earning money. Once you start working on projects you will gain experience and can make the best of what the gig economy has to offer. 

To learn more about how to become a gig worker you have to understand how to maintain your profile, how to bid for your work, and how to generate the right possibilities for landing on the best gigs. 

But with Awign the process of becoming a gig worker changes drastically. All you have to do is sign up with your email address on the Awign website and directly explore the work opportunities with all the details mentioned such as, how much you can earn from the particular gig, whether work from home is available or not, and what are the necessary requirements. You can also download the Awign app and learn how to become a gig worker. 

One of the reasons for the expansion of the gig economy is because it offers job opportunities to a large section of people who might not be highly qualified or have only a few hours to shell out for work but are looking for ways to earn their livelihood. If you are also facing hurdles like lack of education, unable to find work in your location, or not having ten hours to work continuously then finding gigs through platforms like Awign is going to reframe your career. And if you are skilled and have years of experience then you can also use websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, etc. to find the best gigs which they offer in the field of web development, programming, etc. In order to make it big as a gig worker or freelancer, you have to be determined and keep up with the latest trends in technology as well as keep sharpening your skills.

Perks And Limitation Of The Gig Economy For Workers

No doubt that there are multiple pros and cons for the gig workers. The change in the economy is not only the reason for the rapid growth in the gig economy. It is coming out to be beneficial for both companies to hire temporary workers and for individuals who seek to work independently. But then it has some downsides too. 

In this section, we are going to discuss what are the benefits and drawbacks of the gig economy for the workers. 

Benefits of the gig economy for workers: 

  • As a gig worker or a freelancer, you have several work options to choose from and you have the flexibility of working hours.
  • You can work on multiple projects in various fields which eventually helps you upgrade your skill sets. 
  • You have the freedom to choose when and where to work as per your interest and schedule.
  • Many gig workers earn great money by putting fewer hours to work using their expertise.

Limitations of the gig economy for workers:

  • There are no financial perks and protection for the gig workers like an insurance policy or provident fund. You have to take care of your own retirement plans.
  • Working as a gig worker or freelancer is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be stressful as there is no office work environment or colleagues.
  • In order to make it big, you need to be persistent and adaptive to the new changes. It is necessary to keep brushing up your skills. 
  • While working, you also have to take care of personal expenses such as a laptop, cell phone, camera, or any other equipment required as per your job. 

The nature of work has been constantly changing and this has given rise to the gig economy. Experts believe that the gig economy holds a promising future. It has certainly changed the traditional way of earning money and with every passing year more people are choosing to be gig workers or freelancers.

gig economy benefits and limitations

Future Of Gig Work

The young generation is choosing a career path that provides the flexibility and freedom of working independently. The data from the survey of the past two decades shows that more people are engaging in the gig economy. With the constant evolution in technology and expansion of the digital marketplace finding work options in various fields has become easier. The online technology platform has been reshaping the workforce and is one of the major factors which contributes to the gig economy. 

With the shift in the economy, corporations are also adjusting to the latest trends and are hiring temporary workers for short-term project management and services. In the coming years, the need for gig workers will continue to grow and today’s concept of jobs, employers, wages will also undergo newer reforms. 

The gig economy holds several risks yet millennials are taking every challenge head-on as they strive to write a new definition of success. There is no doubt that the future of gig work carries huge potential and the gig economy is here to stay.

The future of gig work


We have tried to touch every concept regarding the question- how to become a gig worker including the future of gig work. Whether it is you are looking to work on something that excites you or if you are simply looking for a way to earn some money, working as a gig worker offers you immense possibilities of bringing change in your career. This is the right time to become a gig worker and give your career a kick-start. 

To conclude there has been a major transformation in the work culture because of the gig economy with improved adaptability and self-governance, replacing the customary relationship between a corporation and an individual. In a developing country like India, the expected benefits of the gig economy will be various. Especially for women, it predicts to be a significant advance towards proficiency and independence from the rat race. In the coming years, working as a gig worker will become new ordinary. Given the fact that even the government is giving equal importance to this segment; thanks to the Budget 2021 announcements on gig economy; we are just about on the right path!


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