Set to witness an annual growth rate of 12% by 2025, the electrical equipment industry in India is making prosperous leaps. This expansion is also going to play a key role for India to meet its target GDP growth of 8-9% in the coming years. To accelerate this growth, the electrical industry needs to align itself to newer ways of working. 

The gig economy is the perfect model to accommodate this fast-paced expansion. With its offer of seamless business management, pay upon outcome option, reduced compliance hassles, scope for easily ramping up/down, and the proposition of pan India presence, this model is truly a game changer. It allows enterprises the liberty to experiment with strategies, making space for new business dimensions, while considerably reducing operating costs. This fluidity is a prerequisite for hypergrowth that the gig model facilitates like no other.

Let us look closely at three business functions for which the electrical industry can leverage with a fully-managed gig workforce.

  1. Auditing: Get a better grip on your business with gig auditors

Auditing is an essential part of any business to ensure adherence to quality standards and to make inventory management easy. This makes on-site inspections of merchandise and production processes essential, especially with diversified business processes. Engaging auditors allows enterprises to remove unnecessary investment on stock and ensure production is optimised.

Awign’s 1mn+ gig partners across 12,000+ pin codes and 500 cities enable enterprises pan India to gauge their business and upgrade in real-time with services like inventory analysis and mystery auditing. This helps enterprises with competition benchmarking and estimating the volume of business that would meet their targets, and help them be at par in the market.

  1. Feet on Street: Field sales for better outreach

The gig workforce, owing to its flexibility, is naturally suited for field sales. From regular processes to business emergencies, it provides the agility that the electrical industry needs to utilize its potential. 

Field sales executives travel to varied locations to advocate the supply of products, services, offers, and discounts to the target audience, enabling the brand to make a mark on its customer base. With our trained gig partners possessing vernacular capabilities across 15+ languages, we facilitate enterprises to achieve precisely this, an extended presence.

Gig partners, not being rooted to a particular location, facilitate deploying strategies like feet on street marketing, and dramatically reduce go-to-market time to make outcome deliveries more prompt than ever before!  

  1. Telecalling services: Streamline communication with stakeholders

Business expansion calls for improved connectivity among various stores and outlets for communicating new offers and promotions, customer service and support, relaying insights, etc. It is these complex yet necessary aspects of growth that the gig economy can make easy with its natural fluidity. 

The gig model can entirely replace an organization’s internal BPO mechanism, reducing costs incurred due to permanent staffing. With Awign, enterprises can experience hassle-free compliance on account of tech-enabled execution and management. All this,  while variablizing their fixed costs, and leveraging a 25-40% more cost-effective model!

According to Niti Aayog’s report, the Indian gig workforce is estimated to increase to a strength of 23 million by the end of this decade! Organizations now have the liberty to free up space for core thinking and innovation in their in-house teams. At Awign, we help enterprises achieve cost-efficiency, hassle-free compliances and expand their presence with our gig workforce. We adequately train our gig partners to meet the demand of organizations, thus eliminating training and hiring inconveniences for them. 

Hopping on the gig bandwagon to make hypergrowth a reality is not such a bad idea after all!


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