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Technology Interplay in the Gig Economy

Praveen Kumar Sah, Co-founder and CTO, Awign As a young and ambitious 18-year-old fascinated by the potential of technology, you can imagine my excitement at cracking IIT on the first try. But while this was the moment that opened the doors of opportunities for me, it was working at Flipkart and Ola that sparked my…

The power of gigs amidst inflation and unemployment

A report titled ‘World Economic Outlook’ published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently stated that the world is in a volatile period where economic, geopolitical, and ecological changes are all impacting the global outlook. And we’ve been witnessing the same in the last year. Inflation has soared to multi-decade highs, prompting rapid monetary policy…

Beyond the lens of blue-collar work: Exploring the full scope of the gig economy

As technology continues to penetrate every aspect of our lives at a rapid rate, it is also by extension changing the way the industry operates. Following the trend of exponential growth, there were approximately 846 million internet users in India in 2021, a number projected to reach 1.5 billion by 2040! In this scenario where…

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