Opportunities for techies in the gig economy have observed a noteworthy growth with a 20-25% spike in demand for high-skill tech talent in 2021. In fact, specialists in these roles comprised 65% of the gig workforce at the time! Two years into the aftermath of Covid, this upward trend remains consistent as the economy gradually reels back to normalcy.

India’s booming startup culture, along with rising technological advancement since the last few years have led to an increased demand for high-skill talent, especially in tech roles. Further, the increasing preference of employers across industries for gig or contractual talent has led to increased integration of Gen Z and millennials into the workforce, who now account for  48% of the gig economy. The prospect of a digitalized future with fields of work such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, product engineering, cloud computing, UI/UX design, and cybersecurity has captured their natural instinct towards innovation, greater adaptability to tech-driven solutions, and their enthusiasm to upskill themselves.

What’s in it for enterprises

With growing uncertainty in the economy, spurred by tech companies adopting corrective measures to boost growth, the work landscape has been going through continuous transformation. While measures are underway to sustain and thrive amid the current business environment, enterprises now understand the benefits of working with a contractual workforce which eliminates rising fixed costs to the enterprise. Moreover, the changing mindset of the workforce has also led to a rise in instances of quiet quitting, apart from attrition in the Great Resignation. Amidst these circumstances, the advantages of flexi-staffing have made themselves very evident to both enterprises and to skilled professionals. 

To stay ahead of the curve, outsourcing core business functions is a much more cost-effective option available to companies today, and the gig model provides them a plug and play solution that optimizes their returns. With this avenue, they now have the power to hire in bulk and assemble a fully-trained workforce on-demand, removing training and compliance hassles. Companies are supported with a qualified workforce, made possible by AI-enabled screening for top-notch industry talent. Facilitating immediate response to market trends, the gig way provides a scope for rapidly scaling up/down, and doing so with ease! 

The high-skill gig market has also been adopted by leading brands like TCS and Wipro, which have created an in-house platform for freelance coders called TopCoder, and many enterprises are exploring the gig route for specialized roles.

Catalysing the integration of high-skilled professionals with Awign

Leveraging this industry trend, and extending the offer of accelerated growth to enterprises, we have our own team of specialised on-demand professionals in Awign Expert! With a high-skilled talent pool, we can help companies focus on their business objectives by reducing the time spent on searching for their perfect candidates! Let’s take a look at how the process unfolds.

We start off by focusing on “the one”, the perfect match for your business needs. After gauging parameters like areas of expertise, requirement scope, and timelines, our AI-enabled targeting process matches the enterprise with an expert. Quality assurance is at the forefront of our service, and this selection is backed by both AI generated scores as well as an initial interview from our team to ensure exactly that! 

The power has truly shifted, and hypergrowth is just one step away. Enterprises that are willing to invest in creating a competitive advantage are leveraging high-skill talent in real time, and reaping benefits such as shorter recruitment cycles and 25-40% reduction in variablized costs.

Of the vast and untapped potential of this model in catering to business roles, fields like IT Development & Design, cloud computing & DevOps, content creation and distribution, data science, and machine learning are gaining rapid popularity. The economy is evolving to a stage where gigification of any task is becoming increasingly possible and encouraged, and with Awign, this can be made possible in a week’s time!

The gig workforce has diversified itself. They are not just opening up avenues for themselves, but also their potential employers with this new model! Here’s your chance to be among the pioneers in adopting change for growth. 

Join us now at expert.awign.com!


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