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Awign Expert: The solution to plugging high-skill talent into the workforce

Opportunities for techies in the gig economy have observed a noteworthy growth with a 20-25% spike in demand for high-skill tech talent in 2021. In fact, specialists in these roles comprised 65% of the gig workforce at the time! Two years into the aftermath of Covid, this upward trend remains consistent as the economy gradually

How to grow in a young start up: Karan Singh

A recent report shared that the average 5-8 years an employee spent at one organization – once considered normal, is no longer the operating norm. The duration of an employee’s tenure with an organization has dramatically changed in the last few years. A shift in employee priorities and culture at the workplace have resulted in

How the electrical industry can leverage the potential of the gig economy

Set to witness an annual growth rate of 12% by 2025, the electrical equipment industry in India is making prosperous leaps. This expansion is also going to play a key role for India to meet its target GDP growth of 8-9% in the coming years. To accelerate this growth, the electrical industry needs to align

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