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Telecalling: Leveraging a Gig Workforce for Customer Experience Enhancement

Telecalling services are a proven method of business promotion that is highly effective in lead generation and gauging the initial level of involvement from the customer. It eases the process of building a relationship with the target audience, generates new leads, and thoroughly explains the offered products and services. As customer satisfaction and reviews increasingly…

The Future of Employment in the IT Sector

The future of employment has always been a major concern for people across the globe. A survey conducted by global professional services firm Aon revealed that the first half of 2022 saw an attrition rate of 20.3% in India. The particularly hard-hit IT industry alone witnessed attrition rates reaching an all-time high of 25.2%. But what…

Tech Interplay in the Gig Economy

Praveen Kumar Sah, Co-founder and CTO, Awign As a young and ambitious 18-year-old fascinated by the potential of technology, you can imagine my excitement at cracking IIT on the first try. But while this was the moment that opened the doors of opportunities for me, it was working at Flipkart and Ola that sparked my…

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