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Of problems & solutions: Using gig-tech to enable faster growth for enterprises

We are an outcome and technology-driven platform, leveraging Bharat’s workforce for India Inc.  So, how did we get here? In the last few years, India’s gig economy has gained a lot of prominence and adoption, becoming a mainstream concept. While the pandemic caused enterprises throughout the world to reconsider their workforce approach, an influx of

Awign: Transforming The Gig Economy Of India

Globally, the gig economy has grown at a rocketing pace. This has been catalysed during the last couple of months, owing to the pandemic. The latest survey (2020-21) highlights  that the Indian gig economy comprises almost 40% of total freelance jobs. The estimated number of freelancers that India holds is approximately 20 million. This alone

Top 10 Websites to find freelance jobs

The world of freelancing has grown exponentially over the past few years. One of the biggest reasons? Independent Working. Who doesn’t like being their own boss, having the freedom to choose the work suiting their interest & time? Freelancing, however, isn’t as glittery as it appears if one doesn’t get the right head start! The

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