• Top Skills To Bag Freelancer Jobs
    The freelancing market is growing exponentially. People are embracing the changes that the gig economy has introduced in the market. With this wave of change, people also have to develop necessary skills to become successful freelancers. To make it big in this sector, one has to sharpen both hard and soft skills altogether. Several surveys
  • Top Part-Time Jobs In Bangalore
    What is the reason that individuals seek part-time jobs early on in their careers? Why has it become a popular alternative to full-time work options? Several surveys have been conducted by popular universities all around the world to fully comprehend the cause behind this shift in work nature. It has been noted that students constitute
  • What Is The Difference Between Gig Worker And Independent Worker?
    Every year thousands, millions of people are switching from their regular jobs to enter the gig sector. There are many reasons behind this massive shift of people choosing to become freelancers, self-employed professionals, contractors, or gig workers. With the change in the economy, numerous organizations in various fields require the administrations of an outside workforce for
  • Gig Economy: Good Or Bad
    The gig economy has become one of the hot topics being discussed in the market lately. People have so many questions about it: what exactly is the gig economy? What are the pros and cons of it? Is it good or bad for both the workers and for businesses? And most importantly what are the
  • How To Become a Gig Worker?
    There has been a drastic change in the traditional way of working in the job market which usually included 9-to-5 jobs, only. But gone are those days! With the evolution in the economy, people have found newer work opportunities which suit their skills, offer them flexibility, and allow them to work independently. This evolution, in
  • Top 5 Gigs To Look Out For: Gig Economy India
    While the gig economy is still developing, there are a large number of people who are constantly looking for high-paying and best gig jobs. From the gig economy job list they often choose the gigs that match their skill-set, time availability & boost their careers along the way. Whether you are making a fresh start
  • Awign: Transforming The Gig Economy Of India
    Globally, the gig economy has grown at a rocketing pace. This has been catalysed during the last couple of months, owing to the pandemic. The latest survey (2020-21) highlights  that the Indian gig economy comprises almost 40% of total freelance jobs. The estimated number of freelancers that India holds is approximately 20 million. This alone
  • Top 10 Websites to find freelance jobs
    The world of freelancing has grown exponentially over the past few years. One of the biggest reasons? Independent Working. Who doesn’t like being their own boss, having the freedom to choose the work suiting their interest & time? Freelancing, however, isn’t as glittery as it appears if one doesn’t get the right head start! The

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