Top Skills To Bag Freelancer Jobs

The freelancing market is growing exponentially. People are embracing the changes that the gig economy has introduced in the market. With this wave of change, people also have to develop necessary skills to become successful freelancers. To make it big in this sector, one has to sharpen both hard and soft skills altogether. Several surveys conducted all worldwide show every day thousands of people are switching from their regular 9 to 5 job into freelancing or finding gigs that give them flexible work options.

You can find thousands of blogs and articles regarding freelancing jobs in demand and pay you well. But we often miss out on essential topics like top skills that you need to bag freelancer jobs. This has to be addressed for those looking forward to making their first move in the freelancing market. Anyone who has tried freelancing for a year or two must be familiar that the range of skill-set required in this field is quite vast. Hence, the first move which you should make before diving into the freelancing market is to ensure that you have the proper skills and experience as per your job profile.

Only by improving your skills-set and personality traits you can reap out all the benefits of freelancing. In this blog, we have discussed the top freelancing skills you will need to succeed. For your convenience, we have  covered character traits and skills that will help you as a freelancer and hard skills that depend on the field in which you specialise or provide your services.

Through this blog, we have tried to enlighten you with the freelancing skills in demand that can help you grow your business as a freelancer. Do read this blog thoroughly.

Top 5 Basic Skills To Bag Freelancing Jobs

It might look like a cakewalk to become a freelancer, but the reality is quite the opposite. To enjoy the flexibility and freedom of work and having a better work-life balance as a freelancer, you have to have certain specific industry skills along with mastery over other things such as interpersonal communication, critical thinking, curiosity to learn, time management, etc.

Earlier freelancing was associated with unemployment, but those days are long gone. Businesses and companies are continuously hiring skilled workers from the freelancing market. And since the demand for workers is rising every day, it becomes more apparent that only those who can outperform themselves will outshine in the marketplace.

If you think that freelancing can only be done as a side hustle, then you are wrong. The answer to becoming a successful freelancer lies in your ability to learn new skills. Let us first explore what the soft skills that can help you build your career are.

  1. Time Management

When working as a freelancer, you become your boss, which means you are responsible for everything from creating your schedule, keeping up with it, handling several projects at a time, and making sure you follow the deadline. All these can only be done if you have excellent time management skills. As there is no office environment,you will have to deal with running meetings with different clients, checking invoices, exploring potential clients and new projects, etc.. So, managing your time most effectively is necessary to keep your schedule organised.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication is a significant key that affects your success no matter in which field you work. Only when you can communicate with the clients professionally what you have to offer and how they can benefit from your services you will be able to land on the best opportunities.

Then again, you need to comprehend why the opposite side conveys a particular goal in mind. This involves figuring out the real story, spotting warnings, and understanding customer assumptions. Also, to expand your network, you have to connect with other freelancers thaT can help you get potential clients. Hence, to become a successful freelancer, you must have excellent communication skills.

  1. Accounting and Business Skills

Working as a freelancer means running your finance department. You are solely responsible for accounting details such as paying taxes, bidding for your services, etc. Figuring out where you ought to contribute to improving your business, staying aware of duties, developing your business, and having an individual life all simultaneously can be challenging.

So before beginning, you should acquaint yourself with the monetary system that goes hand in hand with all of your other decisions. Taxes and accounting are the first sections where a freelancer starts thinking about outsourcing.

  1. Sales and Negotiation Skills

When you are running your own business, you need to have excellent negotiation skills to convince your clients that your services are best. At times you also have to negotiate about your income and working hours. Only when you can make a substantial impact on your client to keep their attention to your services will you be able to make the best as a freelancer.

You must develop such skills to maintain a long-term relationship with large businesses and continue attracting potential clients.

  1. Marketing Skills

The most significant factor behind the success of any freelancer is how great they are in marketing their services. If you are a beginner in the freelancing market,, this is one of the most essential skills you must acquire. It might be challenging to get exposure initially, but if you learn how to boost your business using Linkedin, Google ads, SEO, etc,, then slowly and steadily, your business will reach new heights.

Remember to add social media platforms when planning your marketing strategy. It will not only open doors of new opportunities for you to expand your area of learning, but you can also find new clients.

Top 5 In-Demand Freelance Skills

In the above section, we have discussed the soft skills essential to building a profit-making business in the freelancing market. But apart from that, there are specific technical skills which are high in demand and easy to learn. Thanks to the free tools available online, which can help you develop new skills to complement what you already do as a freelancer. And if you are just starting your career as a freelancer, then the below-mentioned skills with less competition can create several opportunities to make a living.

Here we have covered all the top freelancing skills that are popular these days in the market. If you have studied in these fields and have experience,, you can undoubtedly give a kick-start to your freelancing career.

  1. Time Management

When working as a freelancer, you become your boss, which means you are responsible for everything from creating your schedule, keeping up with it, handling several projects at a time, and making sure you follow the deadline. All these can only be done if you have excellent time management skills. As there is no office environment,you will have to deal with running meetings with different clients, checking invoices, exploring potential clients and new projects, etc.. So, managing your time most effectively is necessary to keep your schedule organised.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication is a significant key that affects your success no matter in which field you work. Only when you can communicate with the clients professionally what you have to offer and how they can benefit from your services you will be able to land on the best opportunities.

Then again, you need to comprehend why the opposite side conveys a particular goal in mind. This involves figuring out the real story, spotting warnings, and understanding customer assumptions. Also, to expand your network, you have to connect with other freelancers thaT can help you get potential clients. Hence, to become a successful freelancer, you must have excellent communication skills.

  1. Accounting and Business Skills

Working as a freelancer means running your finance department. You are solely responsible for accounting details such as paying taxes, bidding for your services, etc. Figuring out where you ought to contribute to improving your business, staying aware of duties, developing your business, and having an individual life all simultaneously can be challenging.

So before beginning, you should acquaint yourself with the monetary system that goes hand in hand with all of your other decisions. Taxes and accounting are the first sections where a freelancer starts thinking about outsourcing.

  1. Sales and Negotiation Skills

When you are running your own business, you need to have excellent negotiation skills to convince your clients that your services are best. At times you also have to negotiate about your income and working hours. Only when you can make a substantial impact on your client to keep their attention to your services will you be able to make the best as a freelancer.

You must develop such skills to maintain a long-term relationship with large businesses and continue attracting potential clients.

  1. Marketing Skills

The most significant factor behind the success of any freelancer is how great they are in marketing their services. If you are a beginner in the freelancing market,, this is one of the most essential skills you must acquire. It might be challenging to get exposure initially, but if you learn how to boost your business using Linkedin, Google ads, SEO, etc,, then slowly and steadily, your business will reach new heights.

Remember to add social media platforms when planning your marketing strategy. It will not only open doors of new opportunities for you to expand your area of learning, but you can also find new clients.

Top 5 In-Demand Freelance Skills

In the above section, we have discussed the soft skills essential to building a profit-making business in the freelancing market. But apart from that, there are specific technical skills which are high in demand and easy to learn. Thanks to the free tools available online, which can help you develop new skills to complement what you already do as a freelancer. And if you are just starting your career as a freelancer, then the below-mentioned skills with less competition can create several opportunities to make a living.

Here we have covered all the top freelancing skills that are popular these days in the market. If you have studied in these fields and have experience,, you can undoubtedly give a kick-start to your freelancing career.

  1. Coding

If you belong from a tech background, then you must be pretty familiar with coding. You can become a frontend developer, backend developer or even an android developer to work as a freelancer. If you have the knack for coding, then you can earn good money through freelancing.

But what if you don’t have any knowledge about coding? If you want to learn,, many popular courses are offered on various websites like Unacademy, Coursera, IIM skills, etc. If you believe this is your calling, then don’t hold back.

  1. Content Writing

Whether writing is your passion or profession, if you have the skills to write unique and engaging content, then the world of freelancing will welcome you with open arms. This field is still evolving, so building your career as a freelance writer depends on your skills and experience. There are specific platforms like WordPress, Medium, and Blogger to hone your creativity and craft. Along with that, you can also learn about content writing through many online courses. With everything going digitalized, there is a high demand for people having content writing skills.  

  1. Graphic Designing

Now, it is believed that with the right tool and knowledge of proper technology, anyone can build their career in graphic designing. You can self-taught about the fundamentals of graphic designing and become a freelancer in this field. Graphic designing includes several work options such as creating visuals for blog content, social media images, website design, and infographic creation, and more. If you are a creative and artistic person with an eye for detail,, this is a job.

  1. Web Development

The world of web development demands constant transformation. As long as websites are being built, the demand for web developers will never end. To make it big as a freelance web developer, you have to make sure that you keep up with the latest changes, whether it’s related to tools, services, coding, languages, or designs. This skill is fit for those who love technical work and enjoy problem-solving.

  1. Social Media Marketing

social media platforms and can turn followers into customers, then you can certainly use these skills to become a freelancer. A single person spends an average of 4-5 hours per day on social media; there is no wonder why businesses are investing their resources to reach more people.

If you have the right skills to create compelling and eye-catching content,, you can earn great money by directly managing various companies’ social media handles.

How To Start Freelance Work?

If you have decided to enter the freelancing sector but don’t know where to start, then first, let us tell you that you’re not alone in this. There are many things to research before you dive into this market. Here we have tried to break down the process into steps for you to understand everything easily.

  1. The first and foremost thing is to know your strength and skills. You already have experience working in a regular job, then it would be easier, but if you have decided to start from scratch, it is essential to build your skill-set around your work as a freelancer. Learn, learn and learn as much as possible because your knowledge will be the base of your earning.  
  1. Only those people who have excellent research skills last long in this market. You must do thorough research on matters like which website you will use to offer your services. Where can you find the best gigs? How to build a strategy to attract more clients? Only after thorough research make an informed decision.
  1. Once you have made your presence on the internet as a freelancer, it is time to bid for your services. Make sure if you are just starting not to bid too high. Once you have experience and have worked with big companies, you can surely begin to earn better.
  1. The last thing to keep in mind is to keep marketing your work. If you aim to attract potential clients, then they must become familiar with your work first.

You can develop some skills with ease, and on the other hand, some require a period. But if you are persistent and confident to believe in yourself, then you will become a successful freelancer. Match your skill-set with your work, and all the golden opportunities will come to you.

Top Part-Time Jobs In Bangalore

What is the reason that individuals seek part-time jobs early on in their careers? Why has it become a popular alternative to full-time work options? Several surveys have been conducted by popular universities all around the world to fully comprehend the cause behind this shift in work nature. It has been noted that students constitute a large segment of the people who indulge in part-time job opportunities and are willing to explore flexible careers. They say that it makes them more independent as they get to earn while continuing their studies and provides them exposure to various industries to a large extent. Apart from this working in a part-time job also helps them gain new skills.

While finding jobs these days has become quite easy with the help of several websites and applications where one can get all the latest information regarding job openings and can apply simply from there. But finding answers to some of the important questions like, what are the best part-time jobs in Bangalore? Which ones pay the most? And which ones will help you shape your career? – can sometimes become a hustle. If you are a college student or graduate looking for part-time jobs in Bangalore then knowing in detail about the work options available for you can help you not only earn good money but also put you in the right direction towards your future goals.

In this blog, we have covered all the relevant topics related to part-time jobs such as why you should choose this work option, where you can find the best part-time jobs in Bangalore, a list of top part-time jobs, and the details of salary structure. Read the post and learn about exciting work options which are changing the whole idea about working part-time and some platforms which are providing these opportunities to the people.

Benefits Of Working Part-Time

Who doesn’t like the idea of being independent? Everyone seeks to earn money so that they can live the life they want. The orthodox idea of limited or no possibility of working while studying, looking out only for full-time employment options after studies, etc. no longer remains a stronger force driving people. Furthermore, the paradigm shift in the employment scenario has opened up an array of flexible work options for even retired professionals, new mothers as well as specially-abled people.

No matter who you are or where you are, there are several employment opportunities in various fields that you can explore.

The job market is constantly evolving. In the last 20 years, one of the biggest developments and new beginnings is in the digital market. This has opened up new doors for the people to a new world which offers unlimited work options in several fields. And this has also resulted in bringing a significant change in the primitive way of working. People are using every chance to find work that provides flexibility and an easy work-life balance. Since part-time work options come with both of these benefits, people are becoming more inclined towards it. Though the reason to work a part-time job can vary from person to person, as some might be only looking to simply gain experience in their field while for others it becomes a secondary source of income.

There are numerous benefits when it comes to part-time employment. In this section, we have discussed a few of them.

  1. Using Time Efficiently

The best way to improve your area of expertise is to efficiently use your time in hands-on work experience and for that, working in a part-time job can help you put those extra hours of your time into good use. If you are a student then it also gives you the chance to pursue your dream job along with your studies.

  1. Secondary Source Of Income

This type of employment can become a secondary source of income for the people who are already engaged in other jobs. Especially if you are capable of handling more than one task at a time then you can reap all the benefits of part-time employment and earn more money easily.

  1. Gaining Experience

Once you leave college and enter the work-life you soon realize the true value of experience. It can build your career into new domains and help you land the best work opportunities. Along with it, you can explore multiple fields of work that might currently be unfamiliar to you and help you develop newer skills.

  1. Flexibility And Less Stress

Unlike full-time employment, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to part-time work. You have a lot of time for yourself and this reduces the amount of stress as it offers a better work-life balance. You can use what type of work you want to do and at times you can also work as per your schedule.

  1. Builds Confidence and Skills

When you get to explore various fields of employment and work with people who have different ranges of experience it builds your confidence and eventually, you attain new soft skills that are necessary for building your career. There is no doubt that a part-time job can also be seen as a stepping stone for you to get to your dream job.

Top Part-time Jobs In Bangalore

For those residing in Bangalore and looking for a part-time job that can help them kick-start their career as this section can really be a boon!. Here, we have covered both online and offline part-time jobs for you considering all the factors such as time flexibility, jobs near your location, easy money, and work options in different fields.

These opportunities are for everyone; whether you are a college student, graduate, or someone with no experience or industry-specific skills. The work options provided here will provide you with regular extra income by working for just a few hours.

Data Entry

One of the most well-known part-time work options that a large number of people choose is working as a data entry operator. You can apply online through any portal or get work through a data entry supplier company. All you need to do is provide the data entry content which targets the client’s requirements. You would be required to post those contents on the data entry project site at your convenient time. For this type of work, you don’t need prior experience also.

  1. Salary: From INR 25,000 to INR 35,000 per month
  2. Requirement: Laptop/Mobile Phone


For this job, you need the ability to handle all cash transactions with speed and accuracy with customers and dealers. Maintain the book of accounts for all daily transactions while updating all transactions in the software promptly. You would also be required to ensure high customer satisfaction with the payment process while working with both small or big businesses.

  1. Salary: INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 every month
  2. Requirement: Diploma or Bachelors degree

Delivery Executive

You can work for many companies like Swiggy/Dunzo/Zomato as a delivery executive/driver. This is also considered as one of the best part-time jobs where you can make use of your time wisely and earn more money. In this job, you would be responsible for collecting the delivery items from the warehouses/pickup locations and ensure the safe delivery of items at the customer’s location .

  1. Salary: INR 25,000 to INR 40,000 a month
  2. Requirements: 2 wheeler and valid 2W licence

Background Verification Executive

As a background verification executive, you will be responsible for the verification of client data. This job is also for anyone who can give 2-3 hours of their day and the job role may differ depending on the company. For example, you may have to carry out a background check and documentation verification or analyzing verifications received and quality check as per internal parameter, etc.

  1. Salary: INR 15,000 to INR 20,000 per month
  2. Requirements: Graduate and good communication skills

Business Developers

A Business Developer works to improve an organization’s market position and achieve financial growth. The primary role of the Business Developer is to prospect for new clients by networking, cold calling, advertising, or other means of generating interest from potential clients. You can apply for this profile through many websites such as

(a)Salary: INR 20,000 to INR 30,000

(b)Requirement: 12th pass/Graduate


We all know that tutoring is the oldest form of part-time employment. You can tutor as many students as you want of any standards and earn really good money. Looking at the rising demand for tutors, this also opens a golden opportunity door for people who can spare 3-4 hours of their day. Now you can also look for online tutoring on several platforms.

  1. Salary: INR 12,000 to INR 15,000 (depends upon individuals)
  2. Requirement: 12th pass/ Graduate

Online Invigilator

As an online invigilator, you would be required to monitor online exams, remotely. Your primary responsibilities will be to watch recorded video of the examinee taking the exam and to check/log any malpractices.

  1. Salary: INR 12,000 to 15,000 a month
  2. Requirements: Minimum qualification is graduate, laptop and basic computer skills.

Content Writer

If you are interested in working from home and have the knack for writing then this is the perfect opportunity for you. You can apply on various websites that pay you to write articles, blogs, speeches, reviews, etc. As everything is being digitized, the content writer’s role is growing exponentially. This field has a lot to offer to you.

  1. Salary: INR 15,000 to INR 35,000 (depending on your experience and writing skills)
  2. Requirements: Impeccable English proficiency, good typing speed, laptop/mobile phone

Customer Service Representative

Customer care executives analyze customer purchasing habits, returns, and complaints to make adjustments to their customer care strategy as necessary. They respond to customer queries in a timely and accurate way, via phone, email, or chat, and identify customer needs, and help customers use specific features. You can apply online for this job profile.

  1. Salary: INR 15,000 to INR 20,000
  2. Requirement: 12th pass out/ Graduate

Social Media Marketing

We all know about the influence of social media in our day-to-day life. Companies are also using this platform to expand their business and reach out to more potential customers. As a social media marketer, you have to promote the company through various social media handles. If you have a large number of followers and know the trick to influence others then this is the perfect job for you.

  1. Salary: INR 10,000 to INR 15,000 (depending on how your performance)
  2. Requirement: Laptop/mobile phone

What Awign Offers To You?

Awign not only provides work options in multiple fields but also uplifts the skills of people by offering them internships, part-time, and full-time job opportunities. It is an industry-agnostic company with a larger focus on due diligence, auditing, new business development, telesales, digital gigs, last-mile delivery, online proctoring & assessment, offline invigilation, etc.

You can check out the Awign website where you can apply for part-time opportunities easily, without any fee. 8 lac+ gig workers are currently using this platform to kick-start their careers or enhance their skills. Many of the above-mentioned opportunities are also available on their website. If you really want to bring a change in your life then Awign is the answer to it.


We hope this blog was informative for you. You can choose any of the above-mentioned jobs as per your interest, time-availability, etc. Just know that your options are not limited and don’t let anything else hold you back from building your career.

What Is The Difference Between Gig Worker And Independent Worker?

Every year thousands, millions of people are switching from their regular jobs to enter the gig sector. There are many reasons behind this massive shift of people choosing to become freelancers, self-employed professionals, contractors, or gig workers. With the change in the economy, numerous organizations in various fields require the administrations of an outside workforce for short-term projects, tasks, or any ground-work job to be completed. Companies such as Uber, Ola, Zomato, Dunzo, which are part of this new economy, provide different services from similar types of service providers.

Today everyone is seeking a different way of working that gives them freedom to choose what they like and building their career in that direction. Owing to the high waves of change in the economy, it has become imperative to shed some light on the various terms related to it. Furthermore, there is a need to understand exactly what is the difference between a gig worker and an independent worker. This is essential as often people believe that being a gig worker is similar to working as a freelancer or a contractor. The information provided in this blog will also help people to make more informed decisions before entering into the gig economy.

Here, we are going to dive deep into how a gig worker is different from an independent worker based on their definition, job profile, services they provide, and of course their income. Read thoroughly to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Gig Worker

They are not very different from freelancers however, a “gig” today is characterized as various job options that are available on specific apps, websites, or other platforms. Similar to a freelancer or contractor, these people also earn money independently and have the freedom to choose what kind of job they want to do but they have lesser control over the business. It is usually several different websites or companies that run such  platforms through which they land on gigs related to various fields and earn their livelihood. Take Uber or Ola, for instance; an Uber driver is liable for a vehicle, paying for gas, keeping up the maintenance of the vehicle, and driving travelers to their locations. In any case, that driver doesn’t settle on their own rate, decide on the customers, or how the organization advertises their administration.

Earlier, a gig worker would get employed for small tasks, for example, delivering lunch boxes to the workplace, working as temporary drivers, doing warehouse audits, and so forth. But in recent years, organizations have taken this field of work to the next level. Presently, with the emergence of gig networks and applications for each industry and occupation level, there is a scarce difference between a gig worker and independent specialists. You can discover somebody to code your next computerized item or offer your expertise on writing their doctoral paper. In such cases, all of them have some authority over whom they work with.

The primary distinction between the two kinds of job profile is that gig work is attached to the parent organization’s design and how their foundation is constructed. These variables will in the general drive down the cost and consequently the worker’s benefit. Hiring a large workforce of gig workers is cost-efficient for the companies too. In any case, they regularly make significantly less money than independent workers because the platform takes a cut of their profit. Since anybody can become a part of this new economy, this sector is now crowded with both industry-skilled and low-skilled individuals who are seeking to explore more options in various fields. For a large section of our society that wants to earn their livelihood, it has brought a drastic change in their lives.

With the rise in the gig economy, it is the right time to move forward and become part of something big.

Independent Worker

An independent worker is self-employed. The defining characteristics of independent work includes high level of control and autonomy, payment by task, assignment or sales and short-term duration work. A lot of employment agreements give you the above provided features hence, it is essential to know how they differ from each other and which one is best for you.

Under the list of independent workers comes freelancers, independent consultants, temporary workers, and contractors. All these independent professionals can be identified by their job role and work agreement. Since there is a fine line between all of them it can become quite confusing at times to understand the difference between them.

Below we have tried our best to explain the terms so you get a fair idea about the difference between gig workers and independent workers.


The one thing that helps freelancers stand out is that they are in total control of their work which makes them their own boss. Hence we can classify them as independent workers who run their own businesses. They have to manage their work promotion, charges for their services, marketing, billing, etc. In other words, they are both CEO and worker of their business simultaneously.

Today freelancers are available in almost every sector. The most popular job opportunities that come across for them are particular from the field of software engineering, copywriting, and graphic designing, web development, content writing, and digital marketing. Although freelancers are not considered as employees they do often take contract work from organizations and companies. As there are no fixed standards for how much freelancers can charge so they bid for their work as per their experience and expertise. Remember that freelancers don’t receive any social security, therefore, have to pay out-of-pocket for benefits such as medical coverage, retirement plans, etc. Hence, it won’t be surprising to know that skilled freelancers get paid much more than regular employees.

They are hired by customers and companies who are looking for a specialized skilled workforce for short-term projects. The complete process of communication, payments, and billing, etc. between them and their customers is taken care of by the freelancing network. Unlike gig workers, these independent workers are more in control of their income as they can work on several jobs for multiple clients at one time.

While the former ones are working in the front line of the economy as drivers or delivery personnel, it is the latter ones (freelancers) such as graphic designers or social media marketers who are helping in the expansion of small businesses. Their work profile is different but it is both of them who are contributing in building our economy strong.

Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are people or corporations which work for or provide their services to another entity as a non-employer. Just like freelancers, independent contractors can work with multiple clients at a time but generally they work with a single company/client under a written or verbal short-term contract for the time being and are paid hourly for their services. They are categorized under the big umbrella of self-employed.

It is not necessary that they work independently, at times they can be placed under contract by a third-party agency that takes care of their billing and payment. In such cases, unlike completely independent contractors they have access to some of the employee benefits. But this generally does not include any paid leave, corporate holidays, or com-off salary. Their job can require them to attend office but often it is remote work. If the service provided by them is up to the mark the contract position can be extended to a potential full-time position.

For example, an independent contractor is hired by an organization for any on-ground work like background verification, security check-ups, warehouse audits or site updates, etc. The contract is liable between the two for 8 months then the company will pay them at regular intervals. In case a third party is involved then the contractor does not have to manage his/her taxes, billing, etc. as the agency takes care of all the things.

There is no doubt that for both freelancers and contractors there is a lot of potential to grow and work in various sectors which helps them gain experience in a short period of time. You can definitely give a kick-start to your career by choosing to be a freelancer or independent contractor.

Temporary Worker

In temporary employment, workers are only engaged for a limited period of time on project or task-based contracts. Companies hire temporary workers to assist them in meeting business demands and at the same time, it allows them to save money in hiring regular employees. For instance, if any company requires extra workers to work on holidays or busy production days then the most convenient option for them is to onboard new temporary workers which provides them the flexibility to grow massively.

For temp workers it is better to provide their services through a staffing agency as then they are given little more protection as an employee. In most cases, agencies deal within particular fields such as healthcare, IT, accounting, etc. At times agencies have their own network of temp workers who have been working through them for a long period of time.

The difference between gig workers and temp workers lies in the length of their jobs. As for a gig worker, the job may last only for a month as there is no contract but for the other usually, they get to work for at least 6 months. Temp jobs can help you not only gain experience but also let you explore the company culture before you get to make a choice that you want to work there permanently. Working as a temp or gig worker both can be considered good to give a boost to your career and learn new skills.


With globalization and change in the economy, people are getting new employment models to choose from, whether it is being a gig worker, freelancer, independent contractor, or temp worker. It entirely depends on your objective, career goals, work style, and so on. As the traditional employment formats are changing with new norms and better possibilities, it is becoming easier for the workers to find job opportunities.  

No matter what you choose to be in the gig sector, at this point in time there is a lot of space to grow and learn. If you want to thrive in this sector then this is the right time to make your first move.

Gig Economy: Good Or Bad

The gig economy has become one of the hot topics being discussed in the market lately. People have so many questions about it: what exactly is the gig economy? What are the pros and cons of it? Is it good or bad for both the workers and for businesses? And most importantly what are the factors that are involved in the rapid growth of it. Many sections need to be explored to develop the whole picture of this sector. And since it is still in its developing phase, we have to dive deeper into its concepts to be able to answer the above questions. 

Statistics show that India has emerged as the second-largest market for freelancers while contributing 40% of the total freelancing jobs offered worldwide and the fifth largest country to be involved in flex staffing. It is estimated that the gig economy will grow by 17% CACR, generating a gross sum of ~$455 bn by 2024. Every survey that has been conducted projects towards its ever-growing graph and a large section of people choosing to work as freelancers, contractors or temporary workers. There have also been changes in the business and corporation sector as many are moving ahead with hiring talented and skillful workers. 

But the truth is, all that glitters is not gold. Although there has been a massive shift in the economy yet there are many who consider the gig economy as a road to exploitation rather than just seeing it as a change that people are embracing. Certainly, there are several drawbacks to it which need to be addressed to fully comprehend whether it is good or bad. 

Let’s take a look at all the necessary aspects in order to answer the above questions.

The Good Side 

While discussing the benefits of the gig economy or the bright picture it paints, it is essential to consider the perspective of the workers as well as that of the corporations, both of which forms the major part of it. Economic reasons have played a crucial role in the growth of India’s gig economy. Businesses find it cost-efficient to hire temporary workers, skillful freelancers, or contractors for short-term projects since it cuts down a lot of costs like infrastructure, travel, additional employee benefits, etc. It also does away with an upfront cost involved in hiring, onboarding & training talent for the available positions since freelance workers take up roles based on their skill sets. Thus it is imperative why companies & workers choose to operate in the gig economy.

Apart from this, the monthly salary of a regular employee is higher than what company pays to the hired temporary/freelance worker. Hence, there is high availability of cheap human resources especially in India’s gig economy which companies take advantage of. Though there is also a risk of not getting the best end result by outsourcing yet moving ahead with it seems to be a great option. 

From the workers viewpoint, the gig economy offers them a lot more than just money. In the hectic lifestyle of an employee, where they lack much of a flexibility and have next to no ownership of their work. Whereas the gig economy allows the workers full control over everything including not only when, where and how to work but also the working process. Since a permanent employee has to run a lot of things through superiors before moving ahead there is not much room for experiments. But working as a freelancer, you can use your intuition and creative thinking as only the quality end product matters and not the process (in certain cases). This will eventually help you grow in more dimensions.  

From the above discussion it can be seen that the aforementioned shows that India’s gig economy holds potential for improving the work environment and productivity of individuals.

The Bad Side

With the growth of the working population and education in India, the gig economy has seen a major growth spurt. Along with this growth comes major challenges. The readily available manpower is restricted with minimal/limited education and riddled further with the fact that all educators are not professionally skilled/employable. Currently, our country thrives on cheap labor which is prevalent in all sectors.

Similar complications are faced by the workers, which involves minimum wages, unbalanced work-life, insecure work, no pension or paid leaves. Other complications which the gig economy brings are more related to the mental health of workers. An unsteady workload leads to immense performance pressure. At times there are too many projects to handle and then for months, there is no work. All such circumstances bring stress and it becomes difficult for individuals to grow professionally as freelance workers.

A platform like Awign provides a sigh of relief to the labor force, skilled and unskilled.

There is an opportunity to make at least the minimum wage for someone with not much education by working as a delivery partner. Similarly, for a skilled software developer to pick an interesting project and generate a second income. It also provides a platform for amateur talents to hone their craft until it meets professional standards and elevates their career. Zeroing on the matter at hand, with India’s current gig economy you are never unemployed. There is a bite-size available for everyone.

Nevertheless, nothing discounts the complications that arise with this imperfect but ever-growing work structure. The need of the hour is to revise our existing labor laws which are hampering the growth of workers who are part of this sector. For businesses and employers to provide an overdue recognition to self-employed, freelancers, or contract workers. The onus lies with the individual/freelancers to make the right choices and demand a fair share for their efforts. 

After all, a bird in hand is worth two.

The Future Of Gig Economy 

The landscape of the business and corporation world has been changed by the gig economy to the point where the government also recognizes and has implemented new laws to regulate it. A significant move has been taken by the Indian government regarding this sector that has newly emerged. In the union budget 2020-21, the government has declared to help the freelancers/ temporary workers by launching a new social security scheme for them (Code of Social Security 2021). 

In her speech, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said “For the first time globally, social security benefits will extend to gig and platform workers. Minimum wages will apply to all categories of workers, and they will all be covered by the Employees State Insurance Corporation.” This shows that India’s gig economy holds a lot of potential in the future.

It is crystal clear that the gig economy will continue to grow and in the next few decades, it won’t be surprising if full-time employment comes to a halt. While many will see this as an opportunity to grow others might resist this shift of moving from stability to uncertainty. Although it’s a long road ahead and there is no denying that it will be beneficial for both parties involved. 

In the sense that the way of working is changing, it is the young generation who are collaborating the most in India’s gig economy. Since they are no longer bound to do 8 hours of desk job every day and have ownership of their work which is something a full-time employer often craves, they seem to be making the most out of it. Organizations will also adapt to the constant changes and will build a more flexible and streamlined procedure which will benefit the workers in the long run. 

The success of the gig economy in the future will highly depend on the relevant skills and experience of the freelance workers as well as for the businesses to provide the platform for them to have the right opportunities.

The Impact On Society 

What we also had to consider is that the gig economy is not only responsible for reshaping the marketplace but it also has made a deep impact on society. It is all thanks to this that a large section of people in India who don’t have industry-related skills are able to earn their livelihood by working as freelancers, contratos, and self-employed workers. 

People are becoming more independent and using various platforms which offer them high-paying gigs. And it is not just underskilled people who are benefiting from the gig economy but also blue-collar workers who are making extra money through freelancing. Such as Awign is providing various work options for the unemployed and underskilled people for their upliftment in the society it has become easier for them to earn money. 

It is workers, businesses, and consumers all together which forms the gig economy society. And while the workers seek flexibility, the businesses want to work with new regulations, and the on-demand services by the consumers are increasing which boosts the gig economy. In all, there has been an upliftment of the people.


So, in the discussion over whether the gig economy is good or bad people still have different opinions. Maybe in the coming years, this picture will be much clearer. As of now, the gig economy has a bright side that offers a lot of opportunities but there are certain loopholes into it too. 

Many people thrive in this gig economy while others are struggling. It all boils down to your skills, experience, and hard work whether you will make it big or not. Whether you become part of the gig economy or not, you cannot turn a blind eye to this trend which is growing every single day. 

Do let us know what your thoughts are on this.

How To Become a Gig Worker?

There has been a drastic change in the traditional way of working in the job market which usually included 9-to-5 jobs, only. But gone are those days! With the evolution in the economy, people have found newer work opportunities which suit their skills, offer them flexibility, and allow them to work independently. This evolution, in simple words,  can be termed as ‘Gig Economy’. 

It is the marketplace for people who are looking for temporary, freelancing, or short-term contract based jobs. However, this doesn’t mean that the work is only limited to any particular industry. It is a very industry-agnostic space with numerous options in IT, Graphic Designing, Web Development, Content Writing, Animation, Market Research, Last-mile Delivery, etc. Furthermore, since companies are also venturing more & more into hiring temporary workforce, in order to avoid many upfront costs, the demand for gig workers is skyrocketing. 

Now the question is, how to become a gig worker? Well, there are millions of people currently working as gig workers around the globe; yet there is a large section of our society that needs to be introduced to it. This would essentially help them make the right choices and find the best work options available out there.

In this blog, we have covered all the essential topics which cover the entire question of how to become a gig worker and types of gig workers. Do read this thoroughly.

Who Is A Gig Worker?

People who work in temporary jobs as a contractor or a freelancer in any service sector are known as gig workers. Depending on the different approaches such as work agreement and nature of work the definition of the gig worker can also be explained. 

We all are aware of the traditional employer-employee relationship which is a long-term agreement that includes a company paying the worker a monthly salary or a wage for the work done. But in the gig economy, the workers are simply hired for temporary work or for particular projects that need to be completed in a certain period of time. When you are working as a gig worker or freelancer you don’t get paid directly by the company that you work for but by the platform through which you have been working. These types of work agreements are different and come under the category of freelancing, self-employment, or contract-based agreement. 

Their nature of work ranges from being a delivery guy to working as a freelance graphic designer. Where one might need a minimal education, on the other one needs industry-related skills to make a living. Hence, the work options in this sector are enormous and this is why more and more people are shifting towards it. 

As it offers a wide range of flexible work occupations that exist in various fields, it generates types of gig workers who don’t belong to any particular section of the industry. A gig worker for example can be a college student wanting to earn some money, a blue-collar worker looking for better projects to enhance their skill set, retired professional thinking of using their time more effectively, or even a new mother who wants to restart her career. Therefore, the types of gig workers are divided into various categories. But, we can only define gig workers based on their work and industry.

How To Become A Gig Worker?

One of the most searched questions related to the gig economy is, how to become a gig worker. Once the benefits of being a gig worker are taken into account, people often then want to learn how they can become a gig worker and earn money through various platforms. 

In this digital era where everything is available online, where do you think you will find the gigs? Of course, it has to be on the internet, aside from many posters or ads that you might come across. If you are also looking to switch from your 9 to 5 job and thinking of entering into the world of gig economy then the first and foremost thing to do is make your presence on the right platform to land on the best gigs. Remember this is a necessary step to be taken in order to understand how to become a gig worker.  

Make sure that you choose a platform which offers you work options in various fields. So, whether it is an internship, part-time job, or freelance gigs which provides you working as a photographer, voice actor, content writer, online invigilator, delivery person, or social media manager, you can move ahead with the one that suits you the best.

Next step on learning how to become a gig worker you have to make sure that your profile attracts clients which will offer you better chances of earning money. Once you start working on projects you will gain experience and can make the best of what the gig economy has to offer. 

To learn more about how to become a gig worker you have to understand how to maintain your profile, how to bid for your work, and how to generate the right possibilities for landing on the best gigs. 

But with Awign the process of becoming a gig worker changes drastically. All you have to do is sign up with your email address on the Awign website and directly explore the work opportunities with all the details mentioned such as, how much you can earn from the particular gig, whether work from home is available or not, and what are the necessary requirements. You can also download the Awign app and learn how to become a gig worker. 

One of the reasons for the expansion of the gig economy is because it offers job opportunities to a large section of people who might not be highly qualified or have only a few hours to shell out for work but are looking for ways to earn their livelihood. If you are also facing hurdles like lack of education, unable to find work in your location, or not having ten hours to work continuously then finding gigs through platforms like Awign is going to reframe your career. And if you are skilled and have years of experience then you can also use websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, etc. to find the best gigs which they offer in the field of web development, programming, etc. In order to make it big as a gig worker or freelancer, you have to be determined and keep up with the latest trends in technology as well as keep sharpening your skills.

Perks And Limitation Of The Gig Economy For Workers

No doubt that there are multiple pros and cons for the gig workers. The change in the economy is not only the reason for the rapid growth in the gig economy. It is coming out to be beneficial for both companies to hire temporary workers and for individuals who seek to work independently. But then it has some downsides too. 

In this section, we are going to discuss what are the benefits and drawbacks of the gig economy for the workers. 

Benefits of the gig economy for workers: 

  • As a gig worker or a freelancer, you have several work options to choose from and you have the flexibility of working hours.
  • You can work on multiple projects in various fields which eventually helps you upgrade your skill sets. 
  • You have the freedom to choose when and where to work as per your interest and schedule.
  • Many gig workers earn great money by putting fewer hours to work using their expertise.

Limitations of the gig economy for workers:

  • There are no financial perks and protection for the gig workers like an insurance policy or provident fund. You have to take care of your own retirement plans.
  • Working as a gig worker or freelancer is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be stressful as there is no office work environment or colleagues.
  • In order to make it big, you need to be persistent and adaptive to the new changes. It is necessary to keep brushing up your skills. 
  • While working, you also have to take care of personal expenses such as a laptop, cell phone, camera, or any other equipment required as per your job. 

The nature of work has been constantly changing and this has given rise to the gig economy. Experts believe that the gig economy holds a promising future. It has certainly changed the traditional way of earning money and with every passing year more people are choosing to be gig workers or freelancers.

Future Of Gig Work

The young generation is choosing a career path that provides the flexibility and freedom of working independently. The data from the survey of the past two decades shows that more people are engaging in the gig economy. With the constant evolution in technology and expansion of the digital marketplace finding work options in various fields has become easier. The online technology platform has been reshaping the workforce and is one of the major factors which contributes to the gig economy. 

With the shift in the economy, corporations are also adjusting to the latest trends and are hiring temporary workers for short-term project management and services. In the coming years, the need for gig workers will continue to grow and today’s concept of jobs, employers, wages will also undergo newer reforms. 

The gig economy holds several risks yet millennials are taking every challenge head-on as they strive to write a new definition of success. There is no doubt that the future of gig work carries huge potential and the gig economy is here to stay.


We have tried to touch every concept regarding the question- how to become a gig worker including the future of gig work. Whether it is you are looking to work on something that excites you or if you are simply looking for a way to earn some money, working as a gig worker offers you immense possibilities of bringing change in your career. This is the right time to become a gig worker and give your career a kick-start. 

To conclude there has been a major transformation in the work culture because of the gig economy with improved adaptability and self-governance, replacing the customary relationship between a corporation and an individual. In a developing country like India, the expected benefits of the gig economy will be various. Especially for women, it predicts to be a significant advance towards proficiency and independence from the rat race. In the coming years, working as a gig worker will become new ordinary. Given the fact that even the government is giving equal importance to this segment; thanks to the Budget 2021 announcements on gig economy; we are just about on the right path!

Top 5 Gigs To Look Out For: Gig Economy India

While the gig economy is still developing, there are a large number of people who are constantly looking for high-paying and best gig jobs. From the gig economy job list they often choose the gigs that match their skill-set, time availability & boost their careers along the way. Whether you are making a fresh start as a gig worker or looking to make extra money in between your full-time job, it is essential that you choose the right path for yourself. 

Before beginning as a freelancer or gig worker, you must have a general idea about how the gig network works, which platform is the best to start with, and what are the top gigs to work for that are high in demand these days. Having said that, it is important to also hold industry-relevant skills in order to pick up the best gig job from the gig economy job list gigs to boost your career in this sector. The market value of your work highly depends on your skills and experience. So to say, once you have proved yourself through your work and have handled numerous projects efficiently then you can reap all the benefits of this sector. 

One of the factors that often attract new gig workers is knowing what type of job or skill gets paid the most. After having learned this, you can also develop such skills which will eventually help you broaden your area of expertise and surely direct you to find the best top gigs to work.

How To Make Money In Gig Economy

The gig economy offers tremendous job opportunities to not only those who are looking for work flexibility but also to those who simply want to earn their livelihood. Most industries have now shifted towards hiring temporary workforce or gig workers since it seems more cost-efficient. Hence, providing several work options for a large section of the society who lack skills and time flexibility. 

There are people who do freelancing work as a side hustle to earn more money. And then there are also expert gig workers who are skilled enough to earn thousands of rupees from a single gig. It is crucial that you make yourself familiar with the top gigs to work that are included in the gig economy job list. There is no doubt that the gig economy has reinvented the traditional form of working in more than one way. 

If you are thinking of earning money by working as a gig worker but don’t know where to begin then we have explained the process in very simple steps here.

  • First, choose the right platform like Awign, Freelancer, Upwork, Designhill, Feverr, etc. that provides you the best gigs jobs in various sectors.
  • Next, sign in and build your profile by uploading your resume, portfolio, case studies, work hours, etc. On some websites, it is cost-free while others would charge you for it. 
  • Afterward, you can bid for your work and start exploring top gigs to work that match your skills & availability
  • Once you have completed your project, your earnings are transferred directly to your account. 

Your success as a gig worker depends on how hardworking and driven you are towards your work. Also, if you have great expertise in your field, then you can certainly earn your living as a gig worker. As a standard work ethic, develop a good relationship with your clients since it can even help you get more projects in hand.

Gig Economy Job List- 2021

What exactly is the gig economy job list? Well, although now every sector is a part of the gig economy yet there are only few which provide best gig jobs for the onlookers. Hence, we have created this gig economy job list which only includes top gigs to work for in various industries. The gig workers can choose any of these according to their skill set and interest.

Want to earn more as a gig worker? Then these are the top 5 best gig job  that you must check out.

Graphic Designing 

Graphic designing is one of the hot cakes in the gig economy job list. This profession represents visual communication and molding the user experience. If you are someone who understands how to use words and images to portray an idea creatively then you can use this skill in designing. This sector holds a promising career for a gig worker and opens new possibilities to get their hands on top gigs to work for. Under this category, you have various designing options like

  1. Logos 
  2. Business cards
  3. Brochures and Flyers
  4. Merchandise

Skills Required

  • Exceptional creativity and innovation
  • An eye for detail
  • Expertise in Adobe Illustrator, photoshop, & InDesign
  • Keeping up with the latest trends
  • Consistency and time management 

Salary: As per Glassdoor, a freelance graphic designer in India with experience of 5-7 years can earn around INR 5,00,000/year, with an estimated average hourly pay of INR297.11, according to Payscale. 

Content Writing 

In this digital era, everything is available online. Right from online shopping to looking for any information, or simply reading any blog or article; every piece of content that is available on the internet is written by expert content writers. Since the boom in online marketing, content writers are in high demand and so it is important to add this into the gig economy job list .

Content writing is a niche that holds high potential. As a content writer, you can write content for various websites, product descriptions or book reviews, etc. You must have experience and an excellent portfolio to showcase if you aim to work as a freelance content writer. There are a number of content writing best gigs jobs that you can choose from. Some are listed below:  

  1. Scriptwriting 
  2. Legal writing
  3. Research writing
  4. Social media content
  5. Blog/article Writing 

Skills Required

  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Impeccable grammar 
  • Creative storytelling
  • An eye for detail
  • Knowledge of different styles, formats, and tones of writing
  • Basic understanding of CMS like WordPress, etc. 

Salary: According to Paysacle, the average salary of freelance writers is INR 3,80,000/year in India. 

Web Development 

If you come from an IT background and are looking to enter the tech domain as a freelancer/gig worker then web development is the best choice for you. Now that every company is making its place in the digital market, the need for web developers is sky-rocketing. Web developers are responsible for building and maintaining the website. You have to be a heck of a coder if you want to make a living in this sector.  

Whether you are part of the corporate world or gig economy, a web developer can generate high-pay if their skills are excellent and take projects of top gigs to work for. There are 3 types of web developers.

  1. Front-end developers
  2. Backend developers
  3. Full-stack developers 

Skills Required

  • Knowledge of HTML, Javascript, and CSS
  • Knowledge of using programming languages like Python, Ruby, Php, etc.
  • Excellent design and UI/UX skills
  • Testing and debugging skills

Salary: According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a freelance web developer is INR 5,60,000/year. Indeed states that you can earn INRs 16,862-23,982/month. 

Digital Marketing 

Companies in almost all sectors are using digital platforms to market their products and services to a large number of customers. One of the reasons why people with digital marketing knowledge such as social media marketing, email marketing, lead generation, SEO, and SEM are high in demand is because these are considered to be top gigs to work in the gig economy. 

If you have the skills to reach out to your target audience and convert them into your customers then you can make your living in this field as a gig worker. In digital marketing, there are various options which include the best gig job like: 

  1. Content Strategist
  2. Social media marketer
  3. SEO and SEM specialist
  4. Email marketing specialist

Skills Required

  • Outstanding grasp on SEO and SEM
  • Social media advertising skills
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Data analyzing 

Salary: The average salary for a digital marketer can range from INR18,192 – 47, 063/month in India, as per Indeed. According to Glassdoor as a freelancer in the field of digital marketing, you can earn up to INR 5,74,152 – 9,59,353/year.


This is one of the creative fields in which gig workers are making huge money and so it became a part of our gig economy job list. An absolute requirement to become a freelance photographer or videographer is a solid portfolio that demonstrates your photography and editing skills. 

Some various companies and platforms hire freelance photographers and videographers to promote their business. Now since people love to watch short videos or photos rather than anything else, the demand for such talented gig workers is high. If you have the experience, the right equipment, and the right platform to showcase your work you can easily land on top gigs to work in this industry and earn real good money by taking projects from good clients.

Skills Required

  • Excellent editing skills
  • Detail-orientation 
  • Creativity
  • Use of best software available

Salary: According to Indeed, the average salary of a freelance photographer is INR16,494/month. Whereas, as for a videographer you can earn around INR 27,301/month, as per Glassdoor. 


This wraps up the list of top 5 gigs to work for in the gig economy which are high in demand in India. All salary specifics have been mentioned after doing thorough research.

Apart from the gigs mentioned above, there are also some other gigs that offer a high salary to the gig workers such as translation, voice actor, social media managers, and video editors. Remember that the gig economy is still expanding hence there are lots of options available for gig workers. Being a gig worker not only helps you gain marketable skills but also provides exposure to more opportunities. If you want to land on the top gigs to work for then choosing the right platform is necessary.   

One thing that every gig worker needs to understand is that it requires a lot of hard work and years of experience before you could make easy money out of freelancing. So, keep your passion burning, work consistently and keep sharpening your skills if you want to make it big in the freelancing world. 

We hope this blog was helpful for you. If you are interested in learning about Awign, where you can find gigs in various sectors, then check out our website ( You can also download our app from the PlayStore.

Awign: Transforming The Gig Economy Of India

Globally, the gig economy has grown at a rocketing pace. This has been catalysed during the last couple of months, owing to the pandemic. The latest survey (2020-21) highlights  that the Indian gig economy comprises almost 40% of total freelance jobs. The estimated number of freelancers that India holds is approximately 20 million. This alone shows that the growth towards the gig economy is a tectonic shift for India’s workforce. This shows that the gig economy is on its way to become a strong part of India’s employment strategy. The size of the gig economy is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17% and is likely to hit a gross volume of $455 billion by 2023, says ASSOCHAM.

It balances the benefits for both, the freelancers as well as the companies looking to outsource their core work or functions. As for the freelancers they enjoy the freedom of following their niche and working independently while for the companies it is cost-efficient as they can hire a temporary workforce as per requirements, manage distributed workforce easily and get high quality work delivered.

As a gig worker today, you are not bound by limited flexible work options. Right from IT, to FMCG, Logistics, BFSI, etc. – an array of sectors are eyeing temporary workers or freelancers for work execution.Think about it, there are so many startup businesses that have built the finest networks which are bridging the gap between freelancers and companies that are looking for outsourcing. Among such names comes Awign, the company that believes in ensuring work completion in India by bridging the gap between unemployment, underemployment & lack of skills. 

Let’s dive into how this startup is making headlines in this industry and transforming the gig economy of India.


Every startup business has its own story. The idea of Awign also came to life from an inspiring story. The founding CEO of Awign Mr. Ananya Sarthak, when working into a high-paying job as a management consultant and gaining a firm understanding of clients and market knowledge realized about the biggest challenge that companies face- it is whether to outsource or not. Even if companies want to make a safe investment into hiring a temporary workforce, they are still considerate of the end result. This was the first phase that set in motion the idea of Awign. 

The second thing that triggered action into building the company was when Sarthak interacted with college students and graduates while building a Learning Management System This is the phase when he figured out that there is a large section of students who are looking for ways to learn and earn while continuing their education. Right about now he thought of establishing this platform that would fill the gap between enterprises looking for completion of work and people who are searching for flexible work opportunities. 

With the belief that nothing is impossible, Sarthak started building the team with Gurpreet Singh Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, and Praveen Shah – Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer. Here stands the vision of three ex-IITians who wanted to fight the war against unemployment, underemployment & lack of skills in India.

Afterward, the picture became clearer and their rigorous hard work paid off as they successfully raised funds close to INR 1cr towards the end of 2016.

“It wasn’t an easy journey. The money was flowing in from our personal savings which were soon over. The hardship was to an extent that Sarthak had to figure out an accommodation without rent for two months, a PG room became the first office but as they say, the fruit of hard work is always sweet, Awign now has touched 400+ cities, completed more than 5 million tasks and offered livelihood opportunities to 8lakh+ people and this continues to grow!”


Awign is a platform that takes up ground-work from enterprises and gets it done through the network of their gig partners.The company offers its services to many industries but its larger focus is on digital core functions like operations management, proctoring, auditing, due diligence, last-mile delivery, new business development, and digital gigs.

The start-up is based on the business model of charging enterprises for the outcomes on the ground and not for manpower. The gig workers do not have to pay for anything at all. They can simply make a profile for free of cost and apply for gigs that suit their time, location, and skills, these are posted regularly on Awign website and app. Here at Awign, we believe in upskilling people by providing them the right tools and a platform through which they learn and earn their livelihood.

Awign stands out in the process of work fulfillment as it takes care of the entire procedure which includes screening, interview, training, and paying the gig workers for their work completion. And similarly, for gig workers the whole procedure is seamless. Hence, for companies using Awign as a platform to outsource and the gig partners looking for various work options, it is a win-win situation.


In a developing country like India, this new sector holds a very promising outcome. There is a large segment of people who are constantly searching for job opportunities but are facing numerous hurdles like finding work in their location, which suits their education and matches their skills. This is where Awign brings a change in the life of workers by providing them the best work options to choose from.

Awign has played a significant role in transforming the gig economy of India. In the last four years alone Awign was able to provide employment opportunities to 8,000,000+ gig workers across 400+ Tier I, II, and III cities in the country.Until now Awign has successfully executed 5 million tasks through our distributed, highly trained, and skilled gig partners. Currently, spread across 9000+ pin codes, our partners execute both on-the-ground as well as digital tasks after receiving work-specific training before starting.

India’s economy was hit hard during the peak months of the pandemic but it was also helpful in wiping out the long-held suspicion over the productivity and dependability of the gig workforce. During this period when people were losing jobs, Awign was successful in enrolling 90,000+ gig partners by building new lines of businesses such as online and offline assessment and proctoring, digital gigs, and last-mile delivery.

Most of the Indian freelancing platforms like Freelancer, GigsIndia or Workhire offer jobs to well-educated and skilled gig workers. But, Awign  believes in providing an equal employment opportunity to every section of society by helping them overcome barriers that they often face. This is why there is a large diversity in our gig workforce. In our platform, we not only have college students or graduates/postgraduates but also retired professionals, homemakers, new mothers, and specially-abled people who we proudly call our gig partners.

t is the youth of India that can lead this country to greater heights and Awign stands tall in bringing forth the best opportunities for them.


“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.”

The above quote resonates with Awign’s vision of creating 10 million tasks in the next 2 years and increasing its presence in more than 7000 pin codes in order to reach out to people even in the remote areas of the country and increase the density of gig workers in each pincode which would further strengthen the unit economics.

With the rapid evolution in the business needs, we not only aim to produce products that would adapt to it but also to nurture the world of work & make it happier by organizing & fulfilling enterprise work digitally with human aspirations & humanized efforts.

Not just providing job opportunities to the unemployed section of our country but upskilling and leading them in a better direction is what we work for.


In India’s gig economy Awign has not only brought waves of changes but it has truly created a positive impact. As of now, Awign is providing thousands of jobs to its network of workers and also addressing one of the biggest problems which exist in this sector, that is, for companies to get the best results after outsourcing. Although there is still a long road ahead of us but with the trust that we have built over the past years with our partners and our team of incredible co-workers we know that Awign will reach new heights. The journey of Awign that began in 2016 has been highlighted in various platforms such as Livemint, YourStory, The Economic Times, Dailyhunt, etc. You can check out on the website here: and learn more about it. 

If our story inspired you then let us know. And if you are also looking for flexible work options then hurry and download the our app from the Playstore right now! You check out our  social media handles here: Twitter Facebook and Instagram

Top 10 Websites to find freelance jobs

The world of freelancing has grown exponentially over the past few years. One of the biggest reasons? Independent Working. Who doesn’t like being their own boss, having the freedom to choose the work suiting their interest & time? Freelancing, however, isn’t as glittery as it appears if one doesn’t get the right head start!

The first step is to look for websites to find freelance jobs, this is to  make sure that you land on the right gigs. There is an array of platforms that not only help freelancers to look for freelance online jobs that matches their skills and portfolios but a few also go a step ahead by helping them build a swanky profile to attract clients and good freelance jobs.

It is crucial to find the right platform/website to build a good career as a freelancer. The best website to find freelance jobs would be the one that has good quality gigs available, popular clients, work available across industries, both on-the-ground & remote working, fair costing, etc. If you are wondering how to narrow down such platforms, then well, you are on the right page!

We have listed 10 such websites to find freelance jobs that are popular among freelancers and will give your freelancing career a kickstart.

What Are Freelancing Websites?

Freelancing websites/platforms are essential tools deployed by certain companies who are either looking for contractual workers for their work fulfillment or act as a bridge between their clients & people searching for freelance jobs online. As the business market is expanding the number of websites to find freelance jobs is also growing. People who want to begin their career in freelancing can sign up to these websites to end their search for freelance jobs opportunities and take projects from various companies. 

Top 10 Websites To Find Freelance Jobs

Whether you are just beginning your career as a freelancer or looking for a better platform for an enhanced work search, we have considered every aspect while curating this list for you to ensure that you find the best and suitable freelance jobs available in the market.


Founded in 1998, UpWork has almost 10 million freelancers and over 4 million clients registered with them. Upwork is considered to be one of the top 10 websites to find freelance jobs which offers opportunities in various fields such as Design and Creative, Development and IT, Sales and Marketing, Customer Support, and also content writing. The platform continually updates the availability of newer jobs in the job feeds section, this makes it easier for the freelancers on the lookout for a good gig/freelance jobs online.

You can easily create your profile free of cost and upload your resume, portfolio, case studies, work hours, etc. To ensure credibility, UpWork approves your profile before the start of work. Being a global platform, there is a tight competition between freelancers, but once you have great work history on the platform, you can really be unstoppable on UpWork & in your career alike.


This website works as a bridge between the clients and designers. The most popular categories of freelancing work available on this platform includes – Content Writing, SEO, Web Development, Logo Designing, Voice over, Illustration and drawing, Social Media Strategy, and Sales & Calls. Almost 3 million freelancers use this website to find freelance jobs  while businesses from small to large use this platform to hire skilled freelancers. 

If your skills match with the freelance jobs provided on their website then you must explore it. You can sign up on the Peopleperhour website for free and once you have set up your account you can take projects that suit you.


If you are just beginning your career in freelancing then Workhire is a good place to start searching for the freelance jobs online. This platform lets you find jobs in Web Designing, Mobile development, Data Entry, Game Development, Photography, Corporate trainer, blog writing, etc. You can make a profile on the website for free and bid for the projects. 

Several companies hire bloggers, freelancer designers, freelance developers through the platform of Workhire. 


Among other websites to find freelance jobs this is the only one which  promises that companies can hire the top 3% of global freelancers from them. From this statement only you can understand that their review process is quite rigorous and to make it to the cut your freelancing skills must be remarkable. Since they only hire the best of the best freelancers, this is what makes them stand out in the market. 

If you are a talented and experienced freelancer then don’t hold back and sign up to Toptal. After the evaluation of your work if your application gets approved then you hold a chance to work with really good, global clients. 


In the online freelancing market Freelancer is considered to be the first-rated website to find freelance jobs. This company was founded in 2008 and currently, it connects almost 40 million employees to its network of freelancers. There are thousands of jobs available on this platform. Freelancer provides both local and remote jobs in various fields such as internet marketing, software development, data entry, 3-D modeling, logo design, illustration, blog writing, etc. 

If you are looking for a platform with a large network of clients and freelance  jobs online then this is the website where you should sign up.


Based out of Bangalore, Awign is one of India’s #1 work fulfillment platforms, which was founded in 2016. It is one of the best websites to find freelance jobs as its business model is based on  fulfilling enterprises’ on-the-ground as well as digital core functions like operations management, proctoring, auditing, due diligence, last-mile delivery, new business development, and digital gigs. Awign has been making drastic changes in the Indian gig economy with a workforce of 800K+ gig partners (or freelancers) and providing work options in almost 500 cities. 

Gig partners apply for suitable flexible work options depending on their location, time availability, and skills. The entire job cycle of the gig partners – right from job search, discovery, application to online interview & training, the onset of work to payments is managed by the platform. This does away with a great hassle that people generally encounter while exploring the freelance jobs online. 

Awign stands out in many ways. First, their gig partners are a good mix of college students, graduates/postgraduates, blue collar-workers, new moms, retired professionals, and specially-abled people. Secondly, the flexible work options on their platform vary from internships to part-time & full-time. Thirdly, the platform offers work options in various service lines like Auditing, Telecalling, Last Mile Delivery, Operations Management, Background Verification, New Business Development, Digital Gigs, and Online Proctoring & assessment. 

To get started with Awign, you can go explore available work on their website or get started on the Awign app (available to PlayStore). 

Anyone who is looking for hyper flexibility in their work must check Awign out.


In Simplyhired, freelancers can check out the various career options with detailed information. This website offers freelancers many options like the search for jobs by title or location. Freelancers can also compare job offers that they get where you can also bid your salary against local and national averages. With all such meters available on this website, it helps them in narrowing down their job search. On this platform freelancers like writers, developers, salespeople, and even construction workers can easily find jobs. This website to find freelance jobs also offers great tips on how to get hired in their blog section.


This is one of the Indian freelancing websites that is dedicated to designers. Employers on this website write a project/brief design template and they get custom-made design options to choose from. You can simply post your design template on the website and the client can buy them easily. 

Designhill is a very well organised website to find freelance jobs that brings designers and clients together. What stands out on this website is that there is a rating system where clients can also share their feedback. If you have the skills as a designer whether it is logo designing, T-shirt designing, or mobile app designing, this is the place to start as a freelancer.


Fiverr offers high-quality services at every price point in the fields like digital marketing, video, and animation, music and audio, lifestyle, programming and tech, writing and translation, etc. 

On this website, employers don’t post any jobs, rather it is freelancers who can showcase their work by posting their completed projects and attract more clients. So, here it is the freelancers who are marketing their services to the companies in order to attract them and land on better freelance jobs online. This website also offers learning courses for freelancers to sharpen their skills.

The Flexiport

The Flexiport website works as a bridge between the enterprises and the freelancers. Companies post the job on the Flexiport website and the listed freelancers on this website can select the type of work that they want to do. You can easily find different work options like part-time jobs, full-time and consulting opportunities for middle to senior-level positions in Flexiport.

What’s more, is that this website also offers various blogs on how you can grow as a freelancer and learn new skills in various fields.

Well, many people believe that working as a freelancer can be a hustling job but the truth is that if you find the right platform for yourself then you can certainly make the most of freelancing. In order for you to find the new freelance career options, we have tailored the above list very carefully so that you can make the best out of your skills. We hope your search for the best websites to find freelance jobs ends here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on, sign up for the website which you think will be best suited to you, and explore the world of freelancing.